Swiss Retail Federation x GANDT – New Partnership Announcement 2021


We are pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new partnership with the Swiss Retail Federation. We believe that by combining expertise from the retail industry and digital business consulting, GANDT and Swiss Retail can serve as an unparalleled strategic partner in supporting your future retail growth.

Together with SRF, we have set ourselves the goal of proactively addressing the changes in the Swiss retail trade as a result of digitalization and the transformation of society. Particular attention is being paid to ensuring that the projects we produce reflect the reality of the companies and current challenges in the market. To this end, we work closely together to help make retailers fit for the digital future.


About the Swiss Retail Federation

With members that include department stores, specialty markets and shops, consumer and pick-up markets, independent retailers, food retailers, and kiosks, the Swiss Retail Federation represents the interests of the Swiss retail trade at the national level vis-à-vis politicians and the public. The association is committed to free framework conditions and high standards in the industry. In particular, they fight against price drivers, trade barriers, and overregulation that make products more expensive to the detriment of customers. The members of Swiss Retail represent a total of around 48,000 jobs and 5,500 shops—with an annual turnover of 21 billion Swiss Francs.



We are a digital strategy consultancy from Switzerland with international clients and a mission to empower organizations by developing their business and digital best. Our core team has been working in the digital economy for over 15 years, so the development of startups and digital companies is in our DNA. With our co-creation approach, we give our customers the right tools and methods to achieve long-term success in digital growth.

A strategic partner for your digital future

Through our ongoing partnership with SRF, we look forward to being able to help more retailers improve their services and offer a better experience for customers. Our coming together reflects a shared vision of sustainably shaping the digital future of retail trade—putting the correct tools in the right place at the right time.

Simply book a free appointment to continue the conversation, and find out how your business can benefit from the increasing broad variety of services we offer at GANDT.