Sharon Livain - Social Media Manager

Sharon Livain

Social Media Manager

Sharon Livain is responsible for social media topics at GANDT and joined the team in 2020.

Sharon’s great passion is social media; an exciting area where she can let her creativity run free. Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are her specialities, yet she loves to explore newer platforms such as TikTok as well.

As a social media professional, she gives our clients valuable tips on how to improve their social media, or even manages their organic presence entirely. She creates content, conducts professional community management and helps develop the right social media strategies.

As a digital entrepreneur, she founded a homeschooling advice and information platform, among other things. There, she quickly learned what it takes to run her own business and how important social media are in the process.

Originally from Glarus, she loves travelling, vegetarian food and is happy to have arrived at a company that focuses on sustainability and builds on transparency and honesty through its “Working Out Loud” principle.


Sharon’ Focus Topics

  • Social media marketing; channel specialisation Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok
  • Conceptualising, creating and implementing organic social media content
  • Monitoring and community management, interaction and active channel management and properly using social media as a customer communication channel

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