Reels vs. TikTok


Since 5 August 2020, it has been possible to post so-called Reels on Instagram in Switzerland. These are videos up to 30 seconds long and are probably the answer to the hype of TikTok РReels vs. TikTok. In many respects, the latest Instagram function is very similar to TikTok videos. Users even post the same videos on both channels.

The big difference: On Instagram, it’s mainly the followers who see it, while TikTok shows the videos according to user behaviour, so that even users with few followers can reach many users.


Closer look at the Reels vs. TikTok

If you take a closer look, you can also add music to the videos, various effects and of course the timer. Compared to the photos, you can currently reach more users, especially as a “nobody”, since they are not only displayed in your own feed, but have been given their own button between the search field and the shopping button. In addition, there are certainly fewer Reels than photos circulating through Instagram at the moment.

It remains exciting to see how the new Instagram feature will develop. In any case, it’s a cool new feature where you can be creative and don’t have to download a new app. On the other hand, the short videos are still very similar to TikTok videos in terms of content.

It will certainly be interesting to see in which direction influencers in particular will move. Especially the past news from the US, which originally wanted to ban TikTok until 15 September 2020, further heated up the competition. However, the TikTok ban is not yet active in the US.

Of course, other apps benefit from the threatened abolition, first and foremost Thriller, which offers the same functions as TikTok. It was the most downloaded app in over 50 countries last autumn. Here, too, we have already created an account and will observe the differences between Instagram and TikTok.

Which of these three apps will prevail – only time can tell. We will certainly enjoy trying out all three and report back. Stay tuned!

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