VEGDOG Collaborates with GANDT on Strategic Digital Marketing

Post by Elli Schneider

We are really excited to announce that we have recently started supporting VEGDOG in their marketing efforts, following a 100-day trial phase.

VEGDOG is a dog food company, which offers vegan dog food developed by veterinarians.


Project Cornerstones

We are working closely with the company’s founder Tessa and Valerie, as well as the Marketing Team to:

  • Scale the digital business by launching a balanced digital marketing mix; implementing a marketing strategy and offering operational support in the marketing channels (Paid Search, Paid Social, CRM)
  • Grow the company healthily by opening up new target groups and testing different marketing approaches; as well as mentor the internal team to capitalize on possibilities
  • Support with strategic decisions, and offer an honest and data-driven opinions
  • Launch and scale Amazon as a new sales channel within the growing digital B2C business.

The first successes show an almost 100% growth in online sales compared to the previous year.

GANDT has quickly become an integral part of the VEGDOG team. Not only do we help improve the digital marketing, we also develop the online organization together.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von VEGDOG because dogs đź’š it ! (@vegdog_food)

Co-Creating & Having Fun

I love working with VEGDOG, not only because they are great to work with and eager to learn and achieve goals together as a team; but also because with every decision we can feel the emotional attachment they have to their product. Quote from project manager Elli.

VEGDOG, which stands for vegan dog food, is the first 100% vegetable and gluten-free complete food for dogs. It was developed in a one-year development phase in cooperation with specialist veterinarians and specialist laboratories.

The founding story of VEGDOG shows the unique approach of this company, and one of the reasons why love supporting them. The founder’s dog, Nelson, suffered from feed intolerance for years. After trying out every possible food supplement, and even exotic meat types, they finally found the solution in vegan dog food – and this is how VEGDOG was founded.

Together we strive to position VEGDOG as the number one vegan dog food brand – and to bring dog owners an extensive product range and inspirational company mission.



VEGDOG is the first 100% vegetable and gluten-free feed for dogs, which was developed during a one-year cooperation with specialist veterinarians and laboratories, due to a feed allergy identified in the founder’s dog, Nelson.



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