Content Creation

Post by Kathrin Fuhrer

The biggest challenge when it comes to content creation, is summarizing the content briefly, succinctly and in a way that it is easily understood; all whilst creating an identifiable message. The user’s needs must be at the forefront of creating content, such as website texts for example. That is why we create high-quality marketing texts in both German and English, as well as suitable video and image material.

Let’s stick with content creation in the form of a website as a project example. At the start of the project, we define the exact website goals and develop a concept to reach your target group. After extensive research and intensive analysis, we consider the needs of your website visitors, and create structures and user-centered content.

We prepare high-quality marketing texts for your website in an informative and reader-friendly way, using language that is suitable for your target group.

This enables your website visitors to understand the content right away and identify themselves with it as quickly as possible. Our goal is to offer your potential customers a certain added value with every piece of text by clearly showing your offer. This creates trust, ensuring that the customer will return to the site.

We then optimize the user-oriented content for search engines (SEO), so that they can achieve a high ranking in search engine results. This increases the chances that your company will be found in a search. Organic search results are a core online marketing tool for any business. It is important to update content regularly to ensure users keep coming back to your site.

You have to integrate the search terms used by the user when creating content, in order to rank as high as possible on Google. The content becomes more valuable by using these search terms/keywords on Google, and is more likely to meet the criteria for a better ranking.

Regular content updates are important because Google views websites that are inactive for a long period of time less important. It is extremely important for multinational companies to translate the text content into other languages ​​as well. We will also take on this task for you and translate your website correctly.

By working with us, you will end up with a scannable, quickly consumable, interesting and varied website that offers the user exactly what they are looking for: the desired solution being your service or your product.

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