Interim Marketing Specialist

Post by Remco Livain

Digitalization is moving fast. We notice how difficult it is to accurately map all facets of digital marketing. Whilst teams within companies often do not lack specialist knowledge, they do lack the dedicated resources to tackle a certain topic.

We believe there are two main reasons why your company should invest in digital skills:

  1. Your team’s digital mind potential is not fully exploited.
  2. Your customers expect more from you.

Whether you are looking for an experienced SEA expert, a head of online marketing or even a chief marketing officer – we will help you with the resources you need. Just talk to us about the availability and possibilities.

Our team supports our customers with first-class marketing resources.


1. Using Your Digital Marketing Potential

It’s easier said than done. Serving the market with a great digital product experience takes a lot more knowledge and effort than just setting a goal to increase sales in your online shop by 50% within the next year. There are usually enough ideas, but do you have the right resources in your team to fully exploit the marketing potential?

Our team at GANDT can help close the gaps in the organization in either the short (3-6 months) or medium-term (6-24 months). We can help with:

  • Exploring new marketing channels and opportunities
  • Digitalizing existing customer management (CRM)
  • Completing channels and trying out new forms of advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Affiliate Marketing, Amazon, or TikTok
  • Driving internationalization and exploring new markets
  • Discovering new business areas via online marketing as an extension of the core business


2. Meet Customer Expectations

Your customers expect a complete digital shopping experience and seamless processes between stationary shops and the online shop. 2020 has further increased and accelerated customer expectations. Customers, who you may have served and advised in store in the past few years, suddenly switched to purchasing solely online.

Requirements have changed, both in terms of the online shopping experience and customer communication.

If your company is currently looking for the right person to take on the digital challenge, yet are looking for someone temporary to bridge the gap for a few months, we are happy to help. We train our and your employees in new marketing and digital disciplines, ensuring your organization can cope with new challenges.

Simply book a free appointment to continue the conversation, and ask us questions about your business.