Customer Acquisition & Retention


Most companies only consider their online shop as an additional source of income – this changed perspective has changed significantly since 2020 due to the pandemic. Often online shops are simply too small to get the attention they need to grow.

Your customers wants to connect online.

Acquiring new customers via the internet is nothing new. Customers and interested parties expect communication through digital channels, and have got used to online communication tools such as chatbots and marketing campaigns with targeted offers. 

Brand Values as a Starting Point for Customer Acquisition & Retention

We believe that the best communication strategies largely reflect the company’s brand values. We therefore support our customers by developing customer acquisition and retention strategies that express the core values of the company and the brand.

Every day, we notice that our customers deal with channel -related questions: Should we offer our products on Amazon? How can we reach new customers on social media, for example via TikTok and Instagram? Why aren’t we number 1 on Google  for a specific search term?

As digital entrepreneurs and performance marketers, we are less interested in marketing channel issues. It is much more important to us to make sensible investments in online marketing based on the contribution margins. With our way of working, we ensure that the product, success, and measurable results remain the top priority.

A strong online marketing mix can open new doors. We will ensure that your products are present online and can be found by new potential customers.

Uncover Undiscovered Potential

Online marketing tools are a great way to learn more about your potential and existing customers. A website or social media channel brings a wealth of information. We analyze how often a potential customer interacts with your products, what interests them, and, if necessary, why they decided not to purchase your product after all.

Having access to insights into your users and their purchasing behavior is extremely important information that should be integrated into the company strategy.

Implement Online Marketing Channel Strategies 

Our service is split into digital consulting and operational support. Together, we will plan how new customers can be reached. In addition, we use a contribution margin analysis to define how much your company can afford to spend on acquiring new customers. This way, we ensure that financial budgets are also considered. 

However, we do more than just plan. We directly support our customers and partners with the implementation of online marketing strategies.

Our team members are performance marketers, online project managers, and experienced digital strategists. If you currently lack resources or the know-how in performance marketing, we are there for you. We help our clients and their teams in daily activities, making their job easier. Our top priority is to ensure that long-term knowledge is built in your company, rather than having it sit with us. 

Simply book a free appointment to continue the conversation, and ask us questions about your business.