Digital Sounding Board

Post by Remco Livain

The development of digital business models and new business areas in your company requires a lot of attention from above. While most organizations have a corporate development lead (COO) and marketing manager (CMO), a digital agenda is rarely found to be cross-functional.

Ownership is required to ensure the development of new digital business areas, and the integration of online tools in your company. As a sparring partner, we either take on a role on the board of directors for your management team or design a digital sounding board.

It ensures long-term digital success. 

We use our the board to proactively point out industry trends, market opportunities and new technologies. In addition, it supports employees who drive innovations in the company with a network and specialist knowledge.

Using the Digital Sounding Board

The digital sounding board usually consists of partners and strategists from the GANDT group. Subject-specific experts from relevant industries are also brought in as required. The focus topics and objectives are determined together with the board of directors and management team.

A sounding board can:

  • Be used as an instrument to advance in individual company areas at a faster speed.
  • Take a seat on the Board of Directors if requested.
  • Be used flexibly and on a topic-specific basis (e.g. business area expansion, online marketing, takeover of online shops and service providers). 
  • Provide top-down specialist and market knowledge within an organization.
  • Manage and accompany long-term digitization goals.

Perhaps your organization is not progressing as quickly as planned, perhaps the topic of digitilization simply needs more attention within your company. Simply contact us with your questions about the our digital sounding board – we will be glad to help. 

Simply book a free appointment to continue the conversation, and ask us questions about your business.