Continuous stakeholder buy-in crucial to your venture success


When to work on what?

Operational excellence can be achieved when things are done right and efficiently. However, we believe that it is just as important to manage expectations well and work on the things that create value in line with stakeholder expectations continuously.

Understanding when it is critical to a project to work on something aspect of its development and managing expectations is crucial to the longterm success of your venture.


Learn from the best

Let us look at a recent example of one of the most innovative companies on the market today: Tesla.

Tesla has focussed its production efforts on digitizing the entire production line from the get go.

Although the lines work efficiently, they are too slow to meet stakeholders expectations. Elon Musk took action early on in the process and decided to sacrifice robotic tasks with manual human labor.

That was the only way to ensure that the stakeholders (people waiting for their cars and impatient shareholders) could be served well. The shareholders, nor the end consumer saw the benefit of a perfectly optimized production line. The tangible value of the speed of execution was of significantly higher value to the consumer and other stakeholders at this point in time.

Do you see parallels within your organization and past projects where it would have been beneficial to flag a change of stakeholder interests earlier on? Our approach to operational excellence and communication might be just the right thing for you for your future project.


GANDT communication approach promotes stakeholder buy-in

We firmly believe that it is in the companies best interest to create tangible and visible results at each stage of the development.

Systematic checks and communication rounds with all relevant stakeholders make sure that your projects are, not merely making progress, but continuously in line with the expectations of all stakeholders involved.

As a team we promote the notion of „Working out Loud“. All progress information is shared across the team and with our clients at all times. Dedicated Slack-Channel communications, Paste-Deck Dashboards and client-shared Evernote folders enable us to work transparently and spread information efficiently to all those involved.

Of course we are open to working with the tools that you use within your organization as well.

When your organization is open to looking at new, innovative ways of knowledge sharing, we would be more than glad to show you how we have been working within our organization and with our teams in the last few years.

Find out more about how we manage shareholder expectations and set our priorities right in a one-on-one conversation with one of our operational experts and reach out to us today.

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