Rabobank supports Nexuslab blockchain startups

Post by Remco Livain

Rabobank will sponsor the first round of startups in the Nexuslab programme. The Swiss blockchain startup programme was initiated and organised by Nexussquared from Zurich.

The Dutch bank joins Nexuslab to support the first round of its programme geared towards early-stage European blockchain ventures. The collaboration adds leading financial industry expertise to the programme and further strengthens its international footprint.


Rabobank as a industry partner

As an industry partner, Rabobank will add its own experts to Nexuslab’s roster of mentors, contributing its leading know-how and expertise to help participants build and refine their business models and test their ideas against real-world requirements.

Harrie Vollaard, Rabobank Head of Innovation, said:

With its novel approach to fostering startups in a virtual setting, Nexuslab has introduced an innovative way of enabling blockchain innovation. Rabobank has been experimenting with blockchain technology for a while, and by partnering with Nexuslab we can further deepen our own expertise in this field. This collaboration allows us to work directly with promising international early-stage ventures and help build up the European blockchain ecosystem.

More information regarding the programme you will find in the original article here: link


About Nexussquared

Nexussquared is a Zurich-based business platform with a focus on blockchain technology and its application to business models across different industries. With a view to supporting diverse and broad-based innovation, nexussquared partners with institutions operating across the entire financial services spectrum and beyond. The founding Team of Nexussquared consists of Daniel Gasteiger and Daniel Grassinger.

Daniel Gasteiger has worked in financial services for more than 20 years. Starting out as an FX trader at Credit Suisse, he later joined UBS to work with hedge funds and third-party banks promoting UBS’s business-to-business API solutions and Prime Brokerage services. In his last role at UBS, he built up and managed the Office of the Chairman as a Managing Director.

Holding degrees in civil engineering and business administration, Daniel Grassinger has worked in real estate consulting and workplace design for more than ten years. He developed and implemented workplace concepts to foster innovation and collaboration for some of the world’s leading technology firms and other Fortune 500 companies. In the past three years, Daniel built up and managed AECOM’s Swiss branch in Zurich.


GANDT Ventures Mentors Startups in first Nexuslab

The first Nexuslab has kicked-off with a number of great and exciting Startups (in no particular order):

  1. Taqanu Bank, Norway
  2. ProofOfYou, Estonia
  3. Paymeabit, Italy
  4. Bittunes, United Kingdom
  5. Zeptagram, Sweden
  6. First Wallet, Estonia
  7. Caravaggio, France
  8. SafeBike, Germany
  9. WONE, Finland
  10. Doqum.io, Switzerland

nexuslab will host its three-month programme, which will take place in a predominantly virtual setting based on a secure collaboration platform to facilitate tailored coaching sessions and offer on-demand training. Three weekend hangout sessions in major European cities will provide founders of participating startups with the opportunity to meet face-to-face and learn directly from successful fintech companies.

Throughout the program, the start-ups will be individually matched with senior level mentors and financial services experts to receive practical advice on regulatory, technical and commercial aspects of their specific business.

… This is exactly where GANDT Ventures come into play. As part of the Mentor Team around the Startups we aim to support them as best as we can with our network, a shoulder to cry on when things are not going as planned and share our tech-enthusiasm with the teams.

If you would like to know more about the Nexuslab Programme, or about the startups at hand, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Simply book a free appointment to continue the conversation, and ask us questions about your business.