GANDT Fireside Chat #027 | BGH ruling on cookies and Google rescue program is rolled out


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BGH ruling on cookies

We all had to deal with cookie banners, opt-ins and opt-outs etc. at one point or another, at the latest when the DSGVO 2018 came into force.

Now, last Thursday, the German Federal Court of Justice specified the handling of cookies in a ruling.
The decision states that cookies for analytics, advertising and market research may no longer be set without consent in future.
But that’s not really news, is it?

A simple “opt-out” is now officially not legally compliant.
Without the active consent of the user, only cookies that are technically necessary for the use of the website may be used. These are, for example, cookies that ensure the functionality of a shopping cart or store the user’s opt-in.

Cookies that are used for analytics are in most cases not part of such technically necessary cookies.

Listen to our Fireside Chat and find out what we think about the current situation.


Update to the Google Corona – rescue program

As promised, we keep you up-to-date and have news about the Google rescue program for SMBs.
The search engine has now published details of the amount of the payments and which companies are eligible.

The program will start in New Zealand and will then be rolled out in other countries.
Google has also provided further information about the amount of credits. The amount varies by customer, based on past spending, up to a maximum of $1,000 (or the equivalent in the account currency).

The program is thus intended to support existing, committed advertisers affected by the COVID 19 crisis.
To be eligible for the credit, campaigns must have been run on Google ads in 10 out of 12 months in 2019 and in January and/or February 2020. It does not matter whether the campaigns were placed directly or via a partner in the Google Ads account.

Who exactly gets these credits is decided by Google alone – there is no possibilty to apply for the program.

We are pleased that support for SMEs has thus begun.
Here you can find the Google help page with all information about the rescue system – or just listen to our Fireside Chat!


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