How to Maximize TikTok Campaigns After iOS 14.5


Last month, the new iOS 14.5 was released and brought with it major implications for TikTok campaigns. The update, which gives iPhone and iPad users an easy and accessible way to opt-out of data tracking, has meant that marketers who use customer insights have had to pivot quickly to ensure their campaigns continue to offer benefits. TikTok, naturally, is among those platforms heavily affected.

Due to this change, advertisers can no longer run any conversion campaigns for iOS14.5 and above. TikTok forecasts that around 80% of the iOS traffic will be excluded from current campaigns. This means that if advertisers do nothing to react, existing campaigns will shift more and more towards Android traffic (which is not necessarily bad). Here are some things to be aware of and ways you can make sure you continue seeing results from your marketing efforts:


For starters — analyze your traffic

Before you invest too much time and energy finding ways around the iOS.14 update, you want to determine whether or not it is even in your interest to target these users. If you see that your existing user base is primarily Android users, or your budget is restricted and you’d have to make cuts, you should evaluate if iOS only campaigns are worth it. Suppose you notice, for example, that over the last 30 days, your conversion rate for Android was twice as high as iOS — better to double down and focus on what is working.


Create a traffic or reach TikTok campaign solely meant for iOS 14.5 users

If that is not the case and you want to continue targeting iOS 14.5 users, you can create a traffic or reach campaign solely meant to fill the gap of the missing audience. As TikTok explains,

In order to reach iOS 14.5 users, all advertisers should create iOS 14 dedicated TikTok campaigns and be ready to scale their budgets on these campaigns as user adoption grows. This will help maximize advertisers’ campaign reach for targeting iOS 14 users.

You can learn more about how to do that here.


Take advantage of instant forms

Finally, the recent rollout of Instant Forms provides another excellent avenue for your customers to share their contact information, learn about your business, answer your questions, and even schedule an appointment. Even as users limit data tracking, you still have a reliable way to attain your customer data and continue expanding the available information for campaigns. Read our overview of Instant Forms to find out more.

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