3 ways your company can benefit from a digital back office


One of the services that we offer is that we work as the digital back office for SMBs. We use our expertise to fill the gaps wherever it is needed. There are a number of ways that you can use our expertise and with this post we would like to share three ways that your company can benefit from our digital back office service.


Process and workflow digitalization

Many aspects of a business can be streamlined and set up more efficiently. The digitalization of workflows is an area of business in which midsize companies and corporate can create tremendous efficiency gains.

We see that many midsize companies still have a lot of paperwork that is done manually. The digitalization of workflows and processes can lower employee distress and workload. Whereas time and efficiency gains help teams focus on that what they do best.

This part of our business involves both strategic help as well as digital project management. It could be that: you are introducing a new inventory management system within the company. And would like to streamline the in and outbound handling processes, but you do not have resources left on your team to manage the process. This is exactly where our digital project management back office service comes in.

We help you set up the correct processes and manage the implementation and schooling of your teams. That way you can continue to focus on that what you do best, with minimum effort and strain on your part or the team.


Marketing and sales

Digital marketing is something that is very complex and technical. Understanding the dynamics of all the booking platforms that are available to us takes a big team of good employees.

In our experience midsize companies tend to have a small marketing and sales team and relatively large back office operations. Most focus on the operational part of their business more than selling their goods.

I order to manage marketing budgets efficiently one needs both expertise in technical marketing, setting up tracking, data management, and have a pool of strong partners. Finding that one perfect person who is able to do all of that is very difficult.

That is exactly why we help out in marketing and sales. We only use the resources that we need at a given moment. Deploying the right people at the right time is key to moving forward. We act in the name of your company with your interests in mind at all times.

This works best for a transactional based sales models. Especially in business to consumer or service areas. If you love would like to know more about the customers that we work with and do this for please reach out to us using the contact form below.


Product development

If you would like to sell products on the Internet the one thing you will definitely need is either a website or an app. Yet simply developing an online product once is not the end of it.

The online landscape especially the technical landscape has developed so rapidly that it is key to keep innovating. It helps a lot if you have seen lots of different best practice models and products.

Our team of UX designers do a thorough analysis of your current product set up. We will tell you exactly how we would continue to develop the product. We understand that this can be hard to grasp and you might not have the right people on your team to give your IT agency a good briefing.

That is exactly why we offer a product management back office service in which we speak directly with your IT company. We tell them exactly what to do, set clear deadlines that are realistic, and make sure that the IT resources are used as efficiently as possible.

One of the big advantages of working in this way is that we speak tech. Our goal is to translate your business goals to an online product. With this method we challenging guide the agencies that you work with already or we are even able to develop things in house for and with you.

We help you with online product Quality assurance, efficiency gains and execution speed that fuels your mid to long-term success.

Simply book a free appointment to continue the conversation, and ask us questions about your business.