How to develop a digital game plan


A solid business plan can I help you with your team structure your resources best and having a solid game plan is key to long term success

In the heat of the moment, it’s sometimes very difficult to find the right balance between wanting to over exceed your own expectations and doing the right things. Most of the times it is not so much about the actual output, but more about managing expectations. Especially with senior management breathing down your neck and asking for results. Having a good game plan for your digital activities is essential.

There are a number of B2C apps and websites services on the market today that have lowered the barriers to entry significantly. They sometimes makes it very difficult for digital marketeers to get the right attention from management that they need. The implications of running a digital business are probably still not tangible enough.

We believe that the only thing that can really help make a difference and make a change is education. We need to educate senior management on what it means to run a digital business successfully.


Product versus communication and marketing

Having a digital game plan means more than simply developing a one off beautiful digital product.

The digital market is moving so fast that your design and product efforts will probably be updated within less than two years. This means that you need to keep reinventing yourself and working on the project at hand.

When we talk about a digital game plan, we are referring to a process and not so much a one time thing. It is not only about the initial product, but more about creating the infrastructure that will allow you to pivot when needed and that can continue to develop.

Having a long-term outlook for your digital product is important. But since the product cycles and technology are so short, we advise you not to do everything right but to do the right things. It is essential that you focus on your core customers and potentials. It is generally not a good idea to plan your full budget for your product. When at the end of the day you will not have any money left to communicate to the world that this product exists.


Allow for tests in your game plan

A solid game plan combines elements of test and target and allows for mistakes in both product development and marketing

This both relates to your product development as it does to your marketing activities. Have a good game plan in our eyes, means planning ahead for change.

Change can mean a lot of things, namely the fact that your product needs to be changed or the market has changed for the product that you offer as well as the cost of marketing. Most marketeers have a good idea of who they think their ideal customer is, but it is rarely the case that this customer is exactly the one that is most profitable for them.

Changes or shifts within your product portfolio can also lead to the fact that you might need to change the infrastructure of your IT and strategy. Not all products can be presented in the same way within a digital setting.

You should not have to change your business plan if you have  developed a digital road map that is planning to change. There is nothing wrong with pivoting, in fact it is one of the biggest benefits of our digital time and age. Be sure to manage the expectations of your team, colleagues and peers effectively and take your time to develop an honest gameplan.

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