GANDT Ventures, what‘s in a name?


I guess we should have known better. I guess we could have done it differently. But to be honest, I am glad we didn‘t.
In 2015 I started a new company together with Tobias Hollweg. The core business of our firm would be to provide SMBs and corporates alike with expert advice on the development of digital technologies and support our clients on their multi-channel endeavors.

Hence, we picked a name for our company that reflects these points well. GANDT Ventures was born and three years in we‘ve slowly started to make a bit of a name for ourselves.


What does GANDT stand for?

We came up with GANDT as an acronym that reflects our core strengths and business ideals. The AND in fact connects the G and T.

G We firmly believe that regardless of whether your company has just started out or you are a successful corporate you should focus your attention on (G)rowth. Growing as a company, developing your skills, new territories and striving for a bigger marketshare are things that we believe are essential to long term business success.

T We are a digital consultancy and in the last decade we have developed the tools that are necessary to enable this (g)rowth. The T in our name stands for (T)echnology. Tech is our tool to growth and the second important pillar of our core business.

We always strive to find growth and development in meaningful data and use the right technical tools to test our hypotheses. Thus, we think that bridging the gap between the goal of growth through technology, covers our ideals really well.


What about the Ventures part?

We have noticed that there appears to be a bit of confusion regarding the „ventures“ part of our name. There are a number of companies, especially VCs that use the name ventures – nearly as a replacement for the word startup or new business.

GANDT Ventures

definition of venture (source: google search)

But the word „venture“ actually means something entirely different. A venture refers to a risky undertaking or journey. And that is exactly how we like to use the word venture(s).

Together we venture our way to greater heights

To us, the projects that we do together with our clients are long term ventures; a journey on which we find out what the best way forward is to grow the business through technological advancements.


Confusing? I don‘t think so.

Even if the name causes a bit of confusion sometimes, because some people believe that we invest in startups or work as a VC, we still love it. Simply because it reflects our feelings really well of what is happening in the world around us today.

It sometimes feels as though everyone is looking for that one perfect technological advancement or market idea that will catapult them to the heights of google, facebook, apple or an amazon. But these companies did not come out of nowhere. The breadth of their product portfolio of tech, hardware and services shows that it takes more than one great idea to stay at the top.

Therefore we choose to guide and work with our clients and partners on this journey. We grow through technological advancements, excellent execution and with great enthusiasm. It is that simple.

If you would like to find out more about us or our services, visit GANDT Ventures and reach out to me of course.

Simply book a free appointment to continue the conversation, and ask us questions about your business.