GANDT Ventures expands Management Team


GANDT Ventures expands Management Team


We are excited to announce the arrival of Dominik Pircher, joining GANDT Ventures as our Chief Financial Officer (CFO). With over a decade of experience in financial management, accounting, business modeling, and leadership, Dominik’s arrival marks a significant milestone for our company. His skills and expertise will play a pivotal role in shaping our financial strategies, strengthening operational processes, and driving our growth to new heights.

Focus on Financial Excellence and Strategic Growth

As our new CFO, Dominik Pircher will take charge of structuring our financial and human resource processes, including payroll and collaboration with service providers. He will ensure that our company’s auditing systems are fully compliant with organizational requirements to fuel our future success in developing into a digital empowerment consultancy. Dominik’s expertise in developing strategies for financial security will be instrumental in driving our success, collaborating closely with our partners. Moreover, his role encompasses hiring and talent acquisition, enabling us to attract top-tier professionals to further accelerate our existing growth. Additionally, Dominik will lead the learning and development initiatives for our leadership team and the wider organization, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Track Record and Expertise

Dominik brings a wealth of experience to GANDT Ventures, having held key financial positions in diverse industries. His previous roles in a traditional media agency and a SaaS fundraising platform for nonprofits have equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of financial operations in various sectors. Throughout his career, Dominik has excelled in accounting, controlling, business modeling, digitalization of processes, corporate finance, audits, payroll, and leadership. His extensive stakeholder management skills, working closely with banks, insurance companies, auditors, and investors, make him a trusted partner for driving financial excellence.

Intersection of Consulting and Financial Leadership

As CFO, Dominik’s role extends beyond traditional financial responsibilities, encompassing the role of a reliable sparring partner for our CEO and management team. This collaborative aspect of his position resembles a consultancy function, providing guidance and expertise on organizational, investment and leadership matters. By combining his financial prowess with strategic consultation, Dominik will play a pivotal role in shaping our future success.



We extend a warm welcome to Dominik as our new CFO at GANDT Ventures. His exceptional expertise, and passion for financial management will be instrumental in driving our growth and ensuring operational excellence. We are confident that his strategic insights, coupled with his commitment to continuous improvement, will contribute significantly to our ongoing success. We wish Dominik a successful start within our company and look forward to achieving great milestones together.


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