Speaker Event: Room with a view Retail Meetup 2018


We have an exciting speaker event coming up in Salzburg, Austria next week Monday (30th of July 2018). Room with a view will be hosting retailer, multi-channel shops and brands to join the discussion on innovation, digitalization and change management. The event will take place for the second season in a row and we have been invited to speak.


Room with a view retail meetup discussion topics GANDT Ventures

It is no secret that many retailer have been struggling with the new tools that we have at our disposal. In the last decade, digitalization has sped up significantly and it has been hard to keep up. The reasons are vast, but the solutions as well. At this upcoming Room With A View event I would like to show the guests a few pragmatic digitalization solutions.

For one, I would like to touch upon how sales data can be used better in sourcing decisions. Next to that, I will go into how data(-management) can help take better decisions in (digital and traditional) sales. And discuss how you can transform your organization and offering, pragmatically.


Facilitating the change dialogue

All in all, it is about understanding the potential of managing change proactively. Some retailer are great at this – and events like these are there to promote an open discussion on how we can move forward as an industry.

Retailer still see digital media as solutions instead of tools that can be used in many different ways. The information we can obtain from digital sales channels can help us in many parts of the organization (sourcing, resource allocation and even support in-store sales teams). Sharing insights and ideas as a great way and essential tool to move forward as an industry.

I am looking forward to the conversations and open discussions in Salzburg. Thank you Christian Obojes and Stephan Huber for organizing the event and facilitating the innovation dialogue. These initiatives are the ones the fashion retail industry needs to move forward.