GANDT Fireside Chat #010 | Social Media Posting Times, Saturn Omni-Channel Marketing and Marble Races


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Social media engagement rates have changed during COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed our lives, possibly for good. One of the fundamental changes has been how we spend the time we have online. It is no secret to anyone, that commuting times have been reduced and our days look a lot different.

Companies big and small, who depend on social media as their main source of communication, will be interested in the findings presented in this Sprout Social report.

What is Interesting to see is that there is a clear change in interactions on social media. The engagement rates have not only changed, but the timing of posts has to be altered.

For an in-depth review of the article, have a look at this blog post.


Multi-Channel Mediamarkt Saturn

Saturn Germany (part of the Mediamarkt Saturn Group) has finished an omni-channel test with Google aimed at bridging the gap between online and offline customers.

All store visitor, flagged by Google using customer location data – in Google Maps / or on Android devices for example – were given a “virtual” conversion value.

This allowed Saturn to differentiate its marketing measures. According to the Google case study, the German electronics retailer was able to increase its overall revenues by 13%. Furthermore, Saturn saw an increase of 7% in online revenues.

Saturn was able to gain efficiency by focusing its Google marketing campaign efforts on consumers who know recently visited their stores


Opportunities for advanced re-marketing

From the case study it cannot be deduced what type of re-marketing measures Saturn and Google used. Nor is explained how the increase in revenues was achieved.

It would be great to know if Saturn were able to apply sophisticated re-marketing techniques by cross- or up-selling new products to customers who had recently visited AND purchased products from a specific product category.

We could imagine that it would be great if Saturn were able to target customers who have recently purchased a TV, with a suitable sound bar to match.
However, this could not be deduced from the study.


Marble Races

One for the fans! The “marble races” YouTube channel of Dion and Jelle Bakker, from the Netherlands. The two brothers have been running their highly successful marble races on YouTube since 2006.

With more than 810.000 subscriber who love the spectacle, Dion and Jelle have created a small creative “e-sports” empire with their marbles.

Have a look here for a bit of entertainment.
We certainly love Marble Races!


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