GANDT Fireside Chat #031 | Snapchat Dynamic Ads and Swiss start-up digitizes building applications


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Snapchat starts with Dynamic Ads

Snapchat confirms the worldwide launch of their dynamic ads. These were previously tested in an open beta phase in the USA.

We have known the dynamic ads for a long time from Google and Facebook accounts, so now Snapchat is jumping on the bandwagon, too.
The personalized ads are based on the respective product feeds of the advertisers and are displayed based on user behavior.

These ads are most often used in retargeting; when the user is shown products that they have viewed but not purchased.

With the help of 5 available templates Snapchat wants to make it easier for its advertisers to integrate the ads natively into the users’ feeds.

All you need to get started with Snapchat’s Dynamic Ads is to integrate the tracking pixel and provide a product catalog.

We see an increase in the potential and attractiveness for advertisers to test this channel based on the launch of the ads.
Listen in to our Fireside Chat when we talk about this new feature!


Swiss start-up smartconext digitizes building requests

We are always on the lookout for new companies and so we have discovered a start-up that uses digital tools in one of the most traditional industries: The craft and building industry.

Smartconext uses new technologies such as “Robotic Process Automation” to scan existing information on building requests from all possible sources and automatically captures them.

The aim is to help small and medium-sized craft businesses, which have been severely affected by the Corona crisis, to attract new contracts.

The data is analyzed, processed and made available to the construction industry through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Current building request, i.e. contracts from the construction and building sector, can be found free of charge on the website.
By taking out a subscription (costs 25 – 49 CHF per month) you have the option to filter the building applications according to the search area and your own needs.

We find the start-up reflects exactly the right idea of digitization, namely to make life easier by using intelligent technologies.


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