GANDT Fireside Chat #035 | Inditex invests in digitization and Swiss corona tourism

Post by Elli Schneider

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Inditex invests in digitization

It is no surprise that many companies are currently experiencing an “awakening” and are realizing that they need to invest in digitization. In our previous Fireside Chats, we have already reported on companies that did so some time ago – and were thus able to survive the crisis without major losses.

The Spanish fashion group Inditex, which includes the brands Zara and Pull & Bear, is now planning to invest in its online shops and digitization in the coming years.

Due to the forced closures worldwide, Inditex had to temporarily forego the revenue of around 6000 stores. The online shops, in turn, generated an increase of about 50 % in the second quarter of 2020. However, the online business was not quite able to compensate for the losses from stationary retail – adjusted for the burden of optimizing the store portfolio, the net loss amounted to 175 million euros in the first quarter.

Now the group is reacting accordingly and intends to invest around one billion euros in digitization over the next three years.

Listen into our Fireside Chat when we talk about the “Big Numbers” of the fashion company and discuss why early investments in the digital industry are often not prioritized.


Switzerland Tourism places advertising with Corona topic

Only yesterday we talked about the fact that only a few companies in the DACH area have addressed the Corona crisis in their digital advertising and communication. XING, for example, has responded to the new needs of its users and has provided appropriate tools and aids.

Now we have found an example, one that polarizes. In its current campaigns, Switzerland Tourism advertises the few Corona cases in its own country. Nature is advertised in connection with the lockdown: Graubünden Tourism says: “With us, nature is the only thing that touches you.”

One step further is the spot of Bern, where other holiday resorts such as Palma de Mallorca and sandy beaches are shown negatively – as a location where one is not safe from Corona. Quite the opposite of Switzerland.

Advertising should attract attention – at least that is what Switzerland Tourism has achieved with its advertising spots. It remains to be seen whether the desired success is achieved through such communication.


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