GANDT Fireside Chat #039 | Google Ads bans clickbait and Coop merges its online shops


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New guidelines from GoogleAds: Stricter guidelines for advertisements

Ads on the Google network that advertize with particularly conspicuous or “click-bait” text or images will be banned starting in July.
Google is thus tightening its guidelines and wants to stop such advertisements in the future.

The search engine is following up with these new guidelines, Facebook had already completely banned clickbait ads for some time.
The rules apply to all display ads on the Google network.

Google lists two categories that will no longer be allowed starting in July.
These include ads that use clickbait tactics to generate clicks – such as claims, scandals, or tearful information about a product or service.
We are certainly all familiar with ads that display before-and-after photos which promote a significant physical change.

In addition, ads that use negative life events (death, insolvency and others) to incite fear or other negative feelings and thus to encourage quick action should also be banned.
Ads that urge the user to subscribe to protect themselves from a negative event are therefore also covered by the new ban.

Listen to our Fireside chat and learn which specific ads will be banned in the future.


Coop pushes omni-channel approach

The Swiss retail and wholesale company Coop is launching an omni-channel platform that can be reached under In doing so, Coop is also pursuing a very uniform omni-channel presence and wants to create a symbiosis between stationary and digital commerce.

The new platform will combine the existing online presences of Coop@home, and Mondovino.
Thus, the company enables its customers to make the entire purchase in a convenient and uncomplicated way. Furthermore, corresponding recipes and extensive information about each product can be retrieved. realizes some omni-channel features that will greatly improve the shopping experience for its customers:
The availability of all products and promotions in the desired stores is displayed in real time. In addition, customers can connect the new platform to their Supercard account to take advantage of the extensive customer program.

In particular, the interaction of products with high-quality content can be emphasized on the new platform. This way, you will find suitable inspiring recipe ideas among many products. In the same way, if the customer opens a recipe, he can see which products have been used for this purpose and also place them directly in the shopping cart.


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