GANDT Fireside Chat #043 | Live audit of the new KaDeWe online shop and update of WhatsApp payment service

Post by Elli Schneider

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Brazil suspends WhatsApp payment service

We recently reported on WhatsApp’s payment feature, now there’s more news about the service. After the feature was rolled out in India and Brazil, Brazil is now suspending the WhatsApp payment service just a week after its launch.

The Central Bank of Brazil justified the ban by maintaining an “adequate competitive environment” in the field of mobile payments.
Apparently, the central bank had no opportunity to analyze WhatsApp’s service before the introduction of the payment service.

As a result, the country’s banks have asked Mastercard and Visa, which are part of WhatsApp’s payment partners in Brazil, to suspend the transfer of funds via WhatsApp. Failure to comply with the order would impose fines and administrative penalties on payment companies.

This latest setback demonstrates once again how difficult it is to gain a foothold in the highly competitive and highly regulated area of banking systems and service payment providers.
Even for large companies such as Facebook, which, after two years of testing WhatsApp Pay in India, has still not received regulatory approval to expand the payment service nationwide.


Live audit from the first KaDeWe online shop and performance marketing approach to the online shop

Probably every visitor of Berlin has already looked into the luxury department store KaDeWe. Now you no longer have to travel to Berlin, the department store has opened its own online shop.

The range of the digital shop includes the luxury brands from fashion, beauty, living and co. known from the department store.
Under, around 3000 products from more than 100 manufacturers are now offered. Currently, the offer focuses exclusively on fashion for men, women and children and – everything is reduced by up to 40 percent.

We take the opportunity to start a small live audit and check the shop.

The online shop, which has gone live with a soft launch, still looks a bit “steadized”. Digitally implementing the unique buying experience that brings many people to the department store every year will probably be one of the great challenges.

At first glance, all the important features seem to be present and also work, but we feel that the time factor has played a more important role in the creation of the online shop than the design.

Check out our Fireside Chat and find out what measures can be improved and how the new online shop closes with our small audit!


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