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Omni-Channel Strategy – How retailers can take other industries as a role model

Often, an omni-channel strategy is mentioned in connection with the Corona pandemic and also the challenges that brick-and-mortar retailers have to face in order to keep up with online retailing.

In fact, however, this change in customer buying behaviour began well before the crisis, and a corresponding response is needed at the latest now.

As early as 2018, e-commerce sales in the B2C sector in Germany amounted to more than 53 billion euros – forecast for 2020: more than 72.5 billion euros.
In absolute terms, the percentage of all Germans who shop online is over 70 percent.

It is not right to speak of a change caused exclusively by the COVID – 19 crisis. Nevertheless, the current situation has given a boost to the movement that had already begun, so that companies that generate their main turnover in brick-and-mortar retail are now all the more forced to change.

The stationary industry continues to function according to outdated patterns, many companies rely on their continuous customer frequency.
In most cases, e-commerce is seen as a problem or an adversary, but in fact online commerce can be a solution – or at least a significant part of it.
In the long run, companies should learn to leverage digital product enhancements and develop the ability to quickly switch between channels.


Omni-Channel Strategies in Aviation

The aviation industry has been thinking outside the box for years and, thanks to its omni-channel strategy, has been able to secure steady sales, even if its aircraft have all remained on the ground.

One example is shown by Singapore Airlines, which puts its in-flight shop online and thus also covers the e-commerce channel.
KrisShop, the “flagship store” of Singapore Airlines, offers KrisShop. Com an extensive selection of products. This ranges from cosmetics and perfume to electronics to exclusive co-branded items.

Maintaining the online platform even during the crisis and adjusting the structuring of its offerings so that they are not dependent on passenger numbers, it was possible to generate continuous revenue. In addition, customer relationships could also be maintained – airlines are gradually transforming into unique lifestyle brands with a large existing clientele.

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TikTok Ads Manager now available worldwide

After a few years of waiting, TikTok has now announced that they will roll out their advertising platform worldwide.
The tools will give advertisers access to all means necessary for creating and running ads, as well as targeting and budgeting.

In addition, as we know from other social media, there will be business accounts that will be equipped with additional tools. It is not yet known what this will be concrete.

Previously, in order to be able to advertise on TikTok, an advertiser had to “apply” indirectly to TikTok. Specific criteria that existed for the beta version are not known. Most likely, it was simply up to the social media platform to determine who they allowed and who didn’t.

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