How Amazon Prime Day will make you think twice about purchasing something in the next few days


Amazon Prime day is going into its third round. The last two years the exclusive sales event for Amazons Prime Members became one of ecommerce most important sales days of the year. Both larger and smaller retailers alike (who sell on amazon) cannot wait for this monster sales peak.

The overall growth rate of the Prime Day is impressive to say the least. With hundreds of thousands of deals within a time period of only 30 hours, these super sales are a feast to anyone who needs “something”. From clothes to tech, and all you need to join in on the fun is a Prime Account (which comes in at 45 EUR p/year).


Prime day will be bigger than Black Friday

At the top of the list of most hated days in the year (for traditional retailers that is) is surely Black Friday (or the online equivalent Cyber Monday). This sales event is nothing more but a cry for help for an entire industry that is battling their over-stocks. Turnover pressure has become tremendous, with investors wanting to see growth to cover for their investments. Retailers see very little alternative than to simply selling all of their over-stock at ridiculously low prices.

Yet, there is one distinct difference between a nationwide sales day such as Black Friday and Amazons Prime day. The latter is here to promote Amazons service. Sure the discounts are an attractive way to get new users on the platform, but it is nothing less than a gigantic marketing stunt.

The promoted deals are available only to Amazons most loyal customers. Namely those with an Amazon Prime subscription. The model is simple, you pay a relatively small fee and get a whole lot in return. Some of the prime features include: being able to save as many images on the amazon cloud as you would like, amazon video, same day delivery (when available) and much more.

In essence, Amazon puts on display what it can do on July 11th. And every retailer out there will yet again be stunned by the precision and dedication the company has to simply getting the job done. Very few users will be left unserved. Many will be shocked by the low prices, but most of all they will be stunned by the fact that Amazon delivered on its promises once more.


Customer-centric product development

Everyone loves a good bargain. But the beauty of this customer-centric approach is that it comes with convenient, stellar service as well. You don’t need to leave your home and you surely won’t have to wait long until your Prime goods are there. It has all been taken care of.  Amazon is not just about good prices, but it has developed itself into a fantastic full-service one-stop delivery provider for the masses.

If there is one company out there today that understands what it takes to create customer satisfaction, it is probably Amazon. Their products (sites) might not look all that fancy, but everything they do is centered around creating customer value. Quick response times, one-click checkout and same day delivery is something very few in retail can match them on. The US-company is all about convenience, speed and surpassing customer expectations. This has got nothing to do with fancy packaging or top notch customer service, but simply getting the job done.

Amazon equals excellent execution at its finest

Their customer centric approach is unparalleled. From our perspective we think that this has a lot to do with clear expectation management. When Amazon says that they can deliver your product until next week Thursday, it will be there by then. If they cannot deliver your goods by tomorrow, they will say so clearly. There is very little the customer can be disappointed about when it does not work out.


Brace yourselves for Amazon Prime Day

I am looking forward to Amazon Prime Day and not just for the bargains. I am more than curious to see which big brands will jump the bandwagon this year. It gives us a good indication of the direction in which certain retail industries (such as tech, fashion, food and drinks) are going and where we stand today. Traditional retailers might suffer a solid hit to their sales on this day. But it is the trend that follows Amazons Prime Promotion Day that will keep many industry retailers busy.

It is still a few days out, so you can relax and still get a good nights rest before it hits us. But July 11th is a day you should definitely put in your agenda.

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