What You Need to Know About Twitter’s New Super Follows Feature


Last month Twitter announced their latest feature called “Super Follows”. This new tool allows creators to charge their followers for extra content as well as different perks. They also announced a tool to create and join smaller interest based groups to find people that like the same things.


What are the key features?

  1. Monetization – content creators can now earn money through exclusive posts
  2. Exclusive Content – only followers that pay can access this content
  3. Content Type – bonus tweets, newsletters, indication of support
  4. Community Group Access – followers that pay can access groups with people who have similar interests as the creator


What does this mean?

Now that Twitter has decided that tweets can have a monetary value, businesses can offer their clients extra content and earn revenue just by using social media. In today’s climate, it’s becoming evident that surviving without it is virtually impossible. Twitter’s new feature has now opened yet another online revenue channel.

According to Vox, Twitter is trying to become a more private platform, with a heavy focus on “micro-communities” within the app. Building smaller communities around different topics will allow companies to access and directly target their ideal customers. Although this may also shut out potential audiences when moving into these specific groups.


How can businesses use Super Follow?

This feature comes with a lot of perks for brand media, no matter which industry your company belongs to. Whether you are in beauty or electronics, if you are advertising a product or service and want to interact with your customers, this could be the new way to do it in order to find your ideal target audience.

As we mentioned above, this opens another revenue channel for your company, but how can you get the most out of the feature? How can you incentivise your customers to pay for your extra content?

Here are our five ways we think you can elevate your Twitter presence using Super Follow:

  1. New Deals and Latest Products – What better way to incentivise your customers to pay for extra content to give them the latest products and services first. Paying customers should get access to all the fresh and exciting news before the rest of your customers. If they love your brand, this will be a great way to get them to super follow.
  2. Exclusive Events – Making your customers feel special by organizing exclusive events for those super followers is a sure way to gain a larger base. No one wants to be left out of these events whether they are virtual or in person.
  3. Target Your Ideal Audience – The most important part of any good brand is a loyal following. Hopefully, your super followers will create a more concrete ideal audience that your company can focus on and advertise to. Knowing who to cater towards can be extremely helpful in growing your customer base to be even bigger.
  4. Membership Perks – If your customers are already spending the money to super follow you, then giving back to them with things like surprise sales or membership discounts, is a great way to gain customer loyalty. Plus, when word gets around about the perks your company gives to super followers, more customers will subscribe to get those deals.
  5. Personalize Your Customers’ Experiences – Personalization is one of the key consumer trends to date. Using the tool to interact with your customers on a personal level is a sure way to gain a larger following. Customers want to feel special and you can do just that by including them in your brand’s story.

There is no timeline yet as to when the new feature will become available, but we can’t wait to implement it for our clients’ social media strategies.


Co-authored by Quinn Donovan | Photo by Chris J. Davis 

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