5 Ways to Gain More Followers on LinkedIn

Post by Christopher Smid

The dominant social media platform when it comes to business, having a robust LinkedIn presence allows you to leverage the power of your network and establish your personal brand. If you’re just starting to take your LinkedIn profile seriously, though, the process of growing your following can be daunting.

That said, LinkedIn has more than 575 million registered users as of 2020, with 40 percent of users logging in daily. With so many members, the potential for expanding your network is massive — if you do it right.

It is always good to go in with a strategy, and there are definitely some best practices that should be kept in mind. I had the pleasure of attending an event last week—the aptly named Business and Booze—where we talked about using your personal branding and LinkedIn to get your ideas out there, establish yourself as an authority in your industry, and meet other thought leaders.

Here are a few of my main takeaways when it comes to building and maintaining your LinkedIn followership.

1. Just post and don’t overthink your content to gain followers on LinkedIn

You’ll get burned out quickly if you are meticulously scrutinizing everything you post. Don’t overthink it. You’re never going to find the authentic voice of your personal brand without experimenting and seeing how others respond. Learn by doing.

2. Don’t just present yourself and what you do, but share what motivates and inspires you.

Your profile will be a lot more memorable if it connects with readers in an emotional or thought-provoking way. With so many qualified players in the game, you need to show what sets you apart. You’re passionate about what you do, right? Don’t be afraid to share that enthusiasm. It’s contagious.

3. Use relevant hashtags in your text.

Although nobody really follows hashtags, they are still a helpful tool for extending your overall reach. Find hashtags that don’t have a lot of followers yet, and use them strategically. Keep it relevant and straightforward. If you’re posting about something happening in or applicable to a specific location, for example, hashtagging the name of the city can help you reach an otherwise untapped audience.

4. Post pictures with people if you’re going to include an image.

Time and time again, they’ve proved able to garner more traction. So, if you want to share a good article you read, don’t post a picture of the article—but rather a picture of you reading the magazine. People like and follow people. So when you want more followers on LinkedIn posting pictures of yourself might be beneficial.

5. Only tag people in a post if you know they will respond.

If they don’t respond, it can end up having a negative impact on your reach and credibility. You can still share the content, but play it safe when it comes to tagging.

As you grow your network, you’ll quickly come to discover that LinkedIn is an excellent tool because it allows you to identify, research, contact, follow-up, engage, and maintain your connections in one place. When used correctly, its ability to facilitate business networking is unmatched by any other social network.

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