Infographic: Social Media Landscape 2021


Social media can be daunting – especially with so many different platforms to consider for your company’s communication. In this infographic, the GANDT Social Media Team provides an overview of 9 key social media platforms dominating the social media landscape in 2021.

We looked at LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and of course, TikTok as part of our research. Here’s how your company should be using the individual platforms:


Social Media Landscape 2021

Infografik: Social Media Landscape 2021

LinkedIn: To share job vacancies, blog posts, and network across physical borders. Make sure to treat LinkedIn with a sense of gamification, as the more you interact with people and posts, the more traction your company page will get.

Facebook: To announcement events, showcase products and sponsor ads. Work with Facebook Groups to maximize your marketing potential.

YouTube: To launch products, share educational videos, and releasee footage of events. Make sure to adapt the thumbnail image and title for each video to grab users’ attention.

Twitter: To share company updates and relevant opinions, as well as offer a channel for customer service. Ensure your posts are short and to the point.

Pinterest: To pin original visual content, and link products and ideas to your website to increase traffic. Make sure you use the right keywords when naming photo files and writing captions.

WhatsApp: To enhance personal customer support via WhatsApp Business. Update your status on a regular basis to keep audiences engaged.

Instagram: To showcase their brand and connect with potential customers by posting visual content. Share your company background and principles in a person way to ensure engagement.

Snapchat: To document day-to-day operations in your company, and target Gen Z. Be sure to use the story feature to introduce new products.

TikTok: To create brand awareness in a fun way and reach Gen Z and Millennials. Make sure you create educational content to increase the changes of going viral.

Remember, many social media platforms also feature a live function. This allows companies to stream content in real-time and makes for a more unique and exclusive viewing experience for potential customers.

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