Remote Working: 6 Favorite Tools at GANDT


Our Favorite Remote Working Tools

Even before the pandemic hit, we at GANDT were pretty used to working remotely with our team spread across Germany and Switzerland, and clients around the globe.

Being a digital strategy consultancy kind of goes hand in hand with working digitally.

However, lockdowns and home office regulations have intensified the need for high quality remote working tools. Remote working is here to stay, so now would be a good time to share some of our favorites:

  1. Slack

Slack is the foundation of our all our company communications. Essentially, it is an internal messaging software. It also allows you to launch calls directly on the platform alongside integrating your Google Suite and many other project management tools. You can even share channels on Slack to collaborate with clients, vendors, or other external partners.

Why we love it: It’s fast, organized and eliminates endless email threads from clogging up your inbox.


  1. Krisp

Krisp is a game-changer noise canceling app for both Windows and Mac. It eliminates all background noise, which let’s be honest, is a huge issue in times of home office. Whether you have kids yelling in the background, the neighbor doing construction work next door, or your partner is grinding coffee in the kitchen, this app will eliminate it all.

Why we love it: Because we can have breakfast in a busy café (once they open again!) or sit on the train when in transit whilst keeping client calls crystal clear.


  1. Google Workspace

Emails, video calls and documents all run via our Google Workspace. This cloud-native software allows us to actively collaborate and work in one clearly defined space.

Why we love it: Google Meets offers a seamless way to do one of the most important tasks in our day-to-day work: meet through just one quick click. We too are only human and need interaction, seeing other faces beyond our own in the mirror every day.


  1. Zoom

We all got to know, and love the videotelephony software – Zoom – intensely since the pandemic hit. Some of you might know it from online fitness workouts, others from having dinner dates with friends. We use it for our client workshops.

Why we love it: It offers great workshop functions with breakout rooms and screen takeovers, allowing the workshop participants work through something with direct live guidance.


  1. Notion

Notion is an extensive project management tool that also provides databases, note taking functions, Kanban boards, reminders and much more. Hyperlinking is quick, and you can share pages with several team members, allocating specific tasks to individuals or several team members.

Why we love it: The app allows for easy and appealing visualizations, including emojis 😉


  1. Trello

You can never get to know enough project management tools. Play around with the different options and see which one you like best. Additionally to Notion, we also use Trello for specific projects – like the relaunch of our new website.

Why we love it: It’s a great tool for virtual brainstorming sessions. Once the ideas are all laid out, the software helps minimize confusion and track progress until project completion.

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