Organisational Planning


The accelerated growth of online sales often presents companies with major organisational challenges. Traditionally strong brands and stationary retailers are usually not set up to serve their customers exclusively online. 

E-commerce plays a decisive role in organisational planning within companies.

The lack of adequate resources is the major bottleneck to the growth of E-commerce in most organisations. The key word in the previous sentence is not “resources” but “adequate”. Accelerated online growth quickly fuels discrepancies between the available resources and the skills required to implement the digital strategy. 

Move Away from Fixed Organisational Structures

A digital organisation is far less static than one with traditional organisational structures – that is not to be underestimated. The resource requirements change throughout the entire life cycle of each product. It is crucial to plan in advance for changes and developments in team building – and to know how organsational units develop into an integral part of the operation.

We analyze how and where your product development, online marketing and social media communication teams are located within the organisation.

A Suitable Team Setup Helps

We divide our team into expert groups, with each group having their own unique knowledgeable about specific parts of digital sales.

At GANDT there are specialists who are extremely familiar with performance marketing (Google Adwords, Facebook / Instagram, TikTok, content marketing and technical SEO), as well as team members who specialize in data management and reporting, or even in online shipping/logistics.

Depending on your needs and the current project phase, we have the opportunity to use resources where they are needed and to support you in planning projects. We always carry out these types of projects with the aim of empowering our clients, so that they understand how to carry out the tasks themselves in the long term.

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