This is why the future of retail is digital


We believe that it’s important for the retail to continue to do that what they do best. Digital transformation is a process not a goal.

Yet, for many retailers this is not very easy to grasp. We see that a great number of retailers think that digital is the future or at least online purchases are the future. To a certain extend there is some truth to that. However we believe that customers are not fully ready to go all-in on online.

Next to that, they enjoy the possibility to shop in stationary shops. It might currently look as though pure online players are “winning”, but there are some clear limitations. Traditional retailers might not be fully out of the game, just yet. That is, if they continue to do what they have been doing best for many decades.


Your customers understand you better than you think

Customers generally understand where a business comes from. They can distinguish between pure online players and Omni channel retailers. The truth of the matter is that people are generally loyal to a certain brand or retailer. That is, if that provider manages to continue to shine with their service or product or product selection.

The common digital age gives us the possibility to save and process data and information in an entirely new way. Never before have we had such a high level of transparency on who our customer is and what they are looking for. We can track customer interaction points, understand shopping and searching behavior better and tailor our services better to their needs.

With our experience in fashion and retail, we can help you decipher the information that is available to you. Our strategic retail consulting services are structured on two pillars.

  1. Support management in taking Omni- Channel make or break decisions
  2. Guide and coach teams as well as senior management throughout digitalization processes


Brick-Mortar, Online, Pop-Up Stores?

We believe that in order to keep up with the competition it is key to continue to do what you do best – but use the channels that are readily available to you effectively.

With marketplaces such as Amazon, Alibaba and Rakuten around the corner, Omni-Channel Fashion Business have tough decisions to make. Determining how you should use your resources best is very important. You can only use your time and resources once. Your company goals need to be aligned with the resources that are available.

Customer satisfaction can be reached in many different ways. Therefore it is important that retails continue to focus on that what they do best.

But of course next to that use the digital possibilities and tools that are readily available to them. Our goal is to show retailers how they can use digital tools and technology. The main purpose is to embrace digital transformation and use digital elements that are relevant to the customer.


What we think about the future of Fashion / Retail

We do not believe that creating an online store for retailer is the one and only solution for the future. However, it is an important tool that can must be used to support the unique selling proposition of the retailer.

What is important is to understand how online can contribute to strengthening your USPs.

We look at how we can use online and digital to promote: customer satisfaction, convenience when shopping, product selection and product variety.

Our goal is to help you achieve just that. Want to find out more about our ideas and approach? Please feel free to contact us using the form below. We help retailers and distributors of all sizes. Whether you are thinking about going digital, or already have on,- and offline stores, we would be happy to see how we can help.

Simply book a free appointment to continue the conversation, and ask us questions about your business.