GANDT Fireside Chat #014 | Google improves its algorithm & Shopify and Pinterest work together


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Google BERT Update October 2019 and the Impact of the algorithm

The Google search engine got a bit smarter at the end of last year. They are improving their algorithm. With the “Bert” update, Google can now better understand relationships between words. This way the contextual understanding of Google grows continuously.

The advantage: The crawler starts to read the texts more like a human rather than just recognizing individual words.

This update has a particularly positive effect on search queries via Google Home Assistant. Due to an increasing demand for voices searches, Google needs to be able to understand related words and phrases, too.

Even though it is still important to integrate the right keywords into blog articles, it has become all the more important to write more “human”. Digital content need to be written more and more for people as the Google Crawler behaves more like a human.


Video-call software provider Zoom acquires Keybase

The US software company Zoom is investing in end-to-end encryption and acquires the encryption company Keybase.

The encryption and security expertise that has been bought, is supposed to help solving the long-standing security problem within the video chats.

In our Fireside Chat #006, we already stated the launch of Facebook’s Messenger Rooms, and one of Facebook’s USPs is the usage of an end-to-end encryption.

Is Zoom’s investment a reaction to Facebook’s push into the world of videoconferencing?

Or does Zoom have no future either way, as the competitors like Google, Microsoft and Facebook seem unbeatable?


Cooperation between Pinterest and Shopify

The software provider Shopify is currently on everyone’s mind, we too talked in our Fireside Chat #005 about the so far biggest winner of the Corona crisis.

That existing portfolio of integrated marketing tools, which is available to users of the software, has now been extended by another channel.

The so-called visual search engine Pinterest starts a cooperation with Shopify. This should enable shop operators to upload catalogues to the platform and turn their products into buyable pins.

The new feature first launched in the US and Canada, but will also be rolled out in Europe in the coming weeks.

The functions should include, among other things, reporting and result-tracking. So if you run your online shop via Shopify, you can also advertise your products via Pinterest in the future.

Which industry is Pinterest particularly suitable for? Is there perhaps still untouched potential here?

We answer these and other questions in our Fireside Chat #014. Just listen in and follow the discussion!


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