GANDT Fireside Chat #017 | German Online Retail Award 2020, Home office for Twitter employees and Zalando Outlets


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Twitter announces long-term home office option

Twitter has taken a liking to the home office, as the company offers its employees the opportunity to work from home even after the Corona pandemic. The past months have shown that it works well if people in different places work together.

Twitter says, that if the work of the employee allows it and there are no important tasks on site to be done, the employees are allowed to work from anywhere.

Twitter was one of the first companies to send its employees to the home office after the outbreak of the Corona crisis. The offices are closed until September anyway and the employees can then decide when and if they want to return to the office.

Google and Facebook had already agreed this week on a home office arrangement until the end of the year.

Home office is also becoming an option for many people in Germany. A survey last week showed that over 60% of the respondents could imagine working in the home office even after Covid-19.

If the crisis has done one thing, it is to understand and accept the home office as a recognized system. Through Corona, companies are forced to create and accept new working concepts.

But there is also the dark side of the home office. Of course, it requires enormous discipline and stricter daily planning, which makes it impossible for some employees to see home office as a long-term solution.

In our current Fireside Chat we talk about our experiences in the home office and the advantages and disadvantages.


Zalando opens stationary outlets

In addition to the gradual easing of the exit restrictions, Zalando also opens its ninth outlet store in Mannheim.

20,000 products from 500 brands can be found in the shop. The classic outlet system stays the same. High-quality products from the previous season or articles with minor defects are sold here for up to -80%.

By the end of 2022 Zalando will expand its outlets to Ulm, Constance, Munich, Nuremberg and Düsseldorf.

What role do outlets play in the fashion industry? How can retailers use an outlet system for themselves? Follow our discussion in the Fireside Chat!


German Online Retail Award 2020

This year the ECC Cologne has again presented a German Online Retail Award. The online retail awards are based on more than 15,000 customer evaluations of various aspects of an online shop.

Once again, Musikhaus Thomann has won the Online Retail Award. Other winners include MyToys, Conrad and QVC.

The ranking represents the many online shops that have invested in a good eCommerce store in recent years.

Above all, the awarding of the prize to Musikhaus Thomann shows how important it is for customers to trust a brand in order to buy a high-quality musical instrument with a value of over 8,000 euros online.


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