GANDT Fireside Chat #019 | The positive influence on Paypal and eCommerce after the easing of Corona restrictions


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Paypal Development in Q1

In our previous Fireside Chats, we have often referred to various “winners” from the current situation around the Corona crisis.

The eCommerce business is booming, and this has resulted in many successes in digital business. One of these winners is also PayPal.
In the current article by searchengineland, the sales figures of the payment provider are even compared with those of Black Friday.

PayPal has established itself especially in the German market as a trustworthy payment option and is therefore often used. According to searchengineland, the number of new customer registrations worldwide reached in April an incredible 7.4 million – an all-time record since PayPal’s founding in 1998.

But what makes the online payment service so special, what are the advantages of integrating PayPal for companies running an online shop?

Will PayPal be able to keep up with the “new” payment services of Apple and Google? Contactless payment is currently gaining more and more relevance.

We get to the bottom of these and other questions in this Fireside Chat. So listen in and follow our discussion!


Agenda | GANDT Fireside Chat Video #019

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