GANDT Fireside Chat #024 | hagebau switches to Datorama and Twitter tests new interaction feature

Post by Elli Schneider

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Marketing data from hagebau bundled with Datorama

hagebau-connect, a subsidiary of the Hagebau Group founded in 2019, manages the cross-channel shopping experience of the DIY giant and therefore bundles various cross-channel activities. These areas include CRM, front- and backend for the online shop, app development and performance marketing.

According to their own statement, up until a year ago they had compiled all their performance marketing data manually in Excel lists, where they also tried to evaluate the campaigns.

Since efficient budget control is hardly feasible in this way, not to mention the high expenditure of time and the susceptibility to errors, they have now switched to a marketing intelligence platform called Datorama.

Datorama, a marketing intelligence tool within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, brings a large number of connectors to different data sources. Thus it is now possible for hagebau-connect to collect and comprehensively evaluate their third-party data.

Especially in the current situation – but in our opinion also in general – it is extremely important to be able to see quickly and exactly where budget is spent; and whether it is being used efficiently.
Dashboards and visual representations of cross-channel data provide valuable insights in a consolidated view to manage budgets and campaigns more profitably.


All-in-One-Tool Note blocked in China

“Write, plan, collaborate, and get organized — all in one tool.” this is how Notion Labs, Inc. promotes the All-In-One tool on its own website.

We ourselves have been testing it for a while now, with a special focus on a comparison with Evernote. However, the tool can also be compared to Google Docs or Trello – that’s how extensive its functions are.

From now on, however, the inhabitants of China are no longer allowed to use the many features of the software – today Notion published the announcement that its service in China is blocked.

With Notion and similar applications that are active in China, especially the free exchange of notes could be perceived as problematic.
Furthermore it is also possible to convert the desktop version of Notion into a personal website. This is then available to a large number of users – uncensored.
So if Notion wanted to maintain its presence in China, it would have to comply with the same rules that apply to all content creation platforms in China.

Notion is not the first company that has had problems with the Chinese cyber security supervisory authority: Evernote also had to set up a Chinese joint venture in 2018 and launch a local edition under the Yinxiang Biji brand in order not to lose the Chinese market.

It remains to be seen how Notion will react and whether they can still be counted as competitors to Evernote and Co. in China.


Twitter tests new function

Twitter has officially confirmed tests on a new feature – which should allow users to ban whole groups of people from responding to individual tweets.
The microblogging service actively encourages its users to try this feature.

The aim of the new function should be to prevent unwanted responses.
By controlling who takes part in a conversation, the level of communicatoin is to be increased. It also enables a variety of conversation types, including panel discussions, interviews and public statements.

But we ask ourselves – isn’t the open and uncontrolled exchange of opinions what makes Twitter the platform it is?
We all know it, it is quite annoying to scroll through hundreds of comments and tweets. On the other hand, this certainly makes up part of the network.

Listen in on our Fireside Chat while we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this feature!


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