GANDT Fireside Chat #028 | Omni Channel Readiness in Switzerland and Google’s SEO Ranking Update


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Omni channel Readiness Index 2020 – Current figures from Switzerland

A current study published by Google Switzerland, the Association of Swiss Mail Order Traders (VSV) in cooperation with the market research institute Mindtake is intended to provide a “technical” map for businesses, in which there is still potential for optimisation.

Positive key findings include a good development in the combination of stationary trade and online business across all sectors (compared to the previous year).

However, customer surveys also show that Swiss consumers are becoming more and more demanding and their expectations of retailers are rising. An omni channel approach with comprehensive accessibility and the connection of channels is becoming increasingly important.

The second edition of the report continues to show that when it comes to linking online and stationary business, the jewellery and watch industry is in first place together with the building and DIY sector.

The study also confirms that the organizational implementation of an omni channel approach is still the biggest challenge for companies. Only every second company stated that it had an Omni Channel manager.

In addition to insights from a business perspective, we are also interested in customer surveys.
Mobile shopping is in the focus of the consumers – in 2018 it was 63%, today it is 80% of the 1000 respondents who order their goods online via mobile phone or at least inform themselves.

Listen to our Fireside Chat when we discuss these and other figures from the report.


Webvitals by Google – New ranking factors

Again news from Google – the search engine revises its SEO ranking factors and explains how the performance of a web presence will be measured in the future.

The new focus of the ranking is the Web-Vitals Key Figures, Google’s key figures for evaluating user experience. These relate, among other things, to the render time, the time between user activity and browser reaction and the visual stability of a website.

From these three Core Web Vitals and another 4 signals Google then calculates the final ranking factor. Together with the existing factors, this results in the ranking in the Google search results.

How exactly will this affect organic rankings? There are no detailed inisights yet, because of the corona crisis the update is not expected to be effective until 2021.

What role AMP sites can play in the future and how they will be affected by the new ranking, you can find out in our Fireside Chat!


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