GANDT Fireside Chat #032 | Søstrene Grene launches German online shop and LinkedIn development in Q1

Post by Elli Schneider

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Søstrene Grene launches German online shop

The Danish retail chain Denmark by Inger Grene and Knud Cresten Vaupell Olsen, has opened its German online shop today.

The company, which specializes in Scandinavian design, sells products from the areas of interior design, small furniture as well as hobby and DIY articles, kitchen accessories and toys.


CEO of Søstrene Grene

Søstrene Grene’s expansion to Germany began four years ago – they currently have over 50 retail stores in Germany alone – it being the second strongest market for the retail company behind Denmark.
And now they are taking the step towards the Omni-Channel.

According to Mikkel Grene, CEO of Søstrene Grene, the clear aim is to link the stationary trade with the online shop. For example, products purchased online should also be returnable in the shops.

We are impressed to find a well structured and sophisticated online shop on the day of the launch. The previously established social media channels also show that the expansion into Germany was well considered.

Listen to our Fireside Chat and get a first impression of the digital presence of this company.


Google Feature Snippets Update

After we have already welcomed the implementation of the so-called Video Chapters in the YouTube videos, Google now also makes it easier to find information in text form.

In recent years, Google has been testing the highlighting of content on a web page based on a snippet of Google search results.
Now this feature is finally live and works with most of the clippings offered by Google and on most web browsers.

How does this function work exactly?

Very similar to video chapters, where the user enters a YouTube video exactly at the point where the information he is looking for is contained, Google scrolls to the corresponding text passage on the website.

So if Google already shows a section of the text with the information you are looking for in the search results, they use an anchor to scroll to exactly this position in the text even after clicking on the web page. The previously tiresome searching – especially for longer texts – is thus no longer necessary.

What opportunities does this create, especially in the area of SEO?
Listen in and find out!


LinkedIn as winner in the Corona crisis

We have often mentioned that engagement rates as well as active users in social media have increased over the last weeks and months.

This is now also confirmed by LinkedIn; according to Simon Uceda’s LinkedIn Post, 500,000 people in Germany alone registered with the network in the first quarter.

The engagement figures are also impressive: An 811% increase in engagement worldwide and + 69% in the number of contributions in the DACH region.

Some of these new users must certainly also be attributed to the fact that an increasing number of people are looking for work due to the Corona crisis. These new users use the network to digitally search for a new employer.

Nevertheless, we are curious to what extent these figures are merely a temporary boost or whether the increasing exposures will remain at this elevated level even after the crisis has subsided.


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