GANDT Fireside Chat #052 | Brand rebranding – Reasons and opportunities in marketing


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Brand Rebranding – When does it make sense and what should be considered?

Rebranding is probably the last thing you think about in the founding phase of a company. In fact, organizations or brands change their corporate identity on average every 7-10 years.
There are several reasons for this, we address in today’s Fireside Chat these as well as some of the most famous rebrandings.

Rebranding isn’t just about a new logo or website, it’s about the entire appearance of the brand. Entrepreneurs must ensure that there is a consistent and coherent strategy that takes into account all elements (logo, packaging, signage, flyers, advertisements, etc.) and channels (digital, in social networks and brick-and-mortar stores).

The change in CI can also be a great way to strengthen the presence and image of a company in the eyes of customers. For example, there are several cases in the past where rebranding has helped a brand lose its negative image.

Whether a merger or internationalization or just a planned modernization or further development is the reason for the repositioning of the brand, in most cases an expanded communication strategy is one of the most important means of successfully carrying out the rebranding – and thus not losing any customers.

For example, the car-sharing company Share Now has implemented it. Customers of car2Go and DriveNow were adequately informed of the upcoming adjustments before the actual merger took place.


Digital marketing strategy for rebranding

The key role is not to immediately abandon and neglect the “old” brand. By retaining the old campaigns – including the old brand name – you prevent the loss of valuable traffic. No matter how much the company communicated before the re-naming, it will take a while for the new brand name to arrive in the minds of the customers.

As a result, the ads may indicate that an adjustment is imminent even before rebranding. Even a dedicated landing page can inform customers about the upcoming change in case of large rebrandings.

Listen to our Fireside Chat and find out which strategy we recommend and which best-practice examples exist from our point of view!


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