GANDT Fireside Chat #057 | Organisational structure in e-commerce, Swisscom Blue and Saturn Xperion E-Arena


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Organisational structure in e-commerce

Entering the e-commerce business is anything but easy for many companies. The organisational structure is usually not designed for it and other core competencies are required. Decisions have to be made more quickly and these have to be coordinated with the whole organisation.

Many questions arise:

  • What roles and competences are needed at all?
  • Which team will take responsibility for the new department?
  • Where can conflicts and challenges arise?
  • Which employees are needed in which phase?

Listen to Fireside Chat #057 to find out more or read the full article by Chris here.


Swisscom TV becomes blue TV

Swisscom has relaunched its entire entertainment offering under the name “blue”.  Swisscom TV becomes “blue TV”, Teleclub becomes “blue+” and the Kitag cinemas are now called “blue Cinema”. Bluewin disappears, except in e-mail addresses.

The comprehensive entertainment experience with new offers and content can now also be accessed via app, on smartphones, tablets and as web player on computers. In addition, the entertainment packages of the pay subsidiary Teleclub are accessible to other internet providers. All products are available on all platforms at the same price.

The most comprehensive blue TV offer is available in combination with the Swisscom Box. In addition to classic television, the attractive streaming offers Netflix, Sky, OCS, Spotify, DAZN, Youtube and many more are integrated. Furthermore, the Amazon Prime Video streaming service is now also available.

This is very good news, especially for sports fans. The sports offer is expanded, “blue Sports” offers the most comprehensive sports offer in Switzerland and the UPC channel “My Sports” has now been integrated into Swisscom TV, while the blue+ content is available on UPC TV boxes.

However, despite the consolidation under one roof, there is still no flat-rate subscription for all offers.


Saturn opens “Xperion” e-arena

Stationary retail has to come up with something if it wants to hold its own against online competition. Saturn has done just that and opened the gaming temple Xperion, an e-arena, in Cologne together with 40 partners.

At first glance, it looks like a trade fair. Xperion partners such as Acer, AMD, Asus, Logitech, Vodafone and many more present and sell their latest products in this world of experience on numerous interactive areas. There is a free gaming area and social media hubs and streaming booths can be rented.

Saturn’s aim is above all to appeal to the younger audience and to bind them to the brand in the long term.


The 3000 square meters e-arena

The innovative and future-oriented POS concept also offers an E- Arena on its 3000 square meter e-area. The E-Arena is equipped with a large stage and seating for 200 people, where shows, events and concerts are to take place.

At the beginning of September, the first live events in the e-arena were already streamed there on a specially set up website. The official national championship in e-sports was one of these events. With Xperion, the largest gaming paradise in Europe, Saturn is making a major contribution to establishing e-sports as a growing sports movement not only in Cologne and the surrounding area, but far beyond.


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