GANDT Fireside Chat #058 | Data Driven E-Commerce Days and Facebook Attribution Change


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Facebook Ads removes 28-day attribution model

Facebook’s data-driven 28-day attribution model is now to disappear. Facebook’s 28-day attribution model made it possible to view all conversions of the last 28 days of an ad.

From 12 October 2020, Facebook Ads will remove Facebook’s longest attribution model, after which only the conversions of the last 7 days will be visible. According to Facebook’s official announcement, digital privacy is the reason. However, the specific privacy initiatives causing this change are not mentioned.

The change will come into effect on 12 October, all historical data will still be available until this date. It is advisable to download all relevant data tied to the 28-day attribution model before then. As privacy measures continue to progress, it is likely that there will be more changes in the future.

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Google Ads hides some search query data

Google has been quietly adjusting its privacy statements on search term reports since September. Now the search engine giant is no longer to display search queries without “significant” amounts of data in the results. An extended explanation for the term “significant” is not provided.

Google’s explanation for the quiet change in search results reporting is that they want to maintain their privacy standards and improve protection in terms of user data.

But what is the impact? Volumes of data will be swallowed up, which will have immense financial implications. Industries with high CPCs (cost per click) are the most affected and foot the bill for irrevelant search queries.


Data Driven Commerce Days – Douglas

Using data in a targeted and strategic way forms the basis of every customer-centric digital marketing and sales strategy. The impacts that a sophisticated data strategy can have on a company and how concrete recommendations for action can be derived are currently being discussed and evaluated at the Data Driven Commerce Days.

The perfumery chain Douglas, which optimises its landing pages, is mentioned as an example. Based on their campaigns, important areas such as socio-demographic characteristics are taken into account and integrated. By integrating, for example, geographical factors, the click-through rate is higher and achieves campaigns that are more personalised.

Data analysis involves a huge amount of data. In addition to special analysis tools, good personnel are also necessary to evaluate these data volumes in an industry-relevant way and to filter out and evaluate only essential content.


Fashion retailer Burberry holds first fashion show via livestream on Twitch

How do brands deal with the Covid-19 pandemic in the context of fashion shows? Some do runway shows without guests and make the videos available, others take bigger steps towards digitalisation and stream their fashion shows live. At the moment, New York Fashion Week is being broadcast via livestream and without guests.

The path of Burberry is particularly interesting. In July, the British fashion house had to cut 5% of its workforce worldwide, or around 500 jobs. Last month Burberry became the first major luxury brand to launch face masks and in summer 2021 it will become the first luxury retailer to stream its fashion show on the world’s largest live streaming platform, Twitch.

There will be no guests at the show. Burberry’s stream will feature footage from different angles, all appearing in one window on Twitch. The livestream will make the customer feel closer to the brand while allowing them to interact with the community.


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