TikTok Launches Instant Forms for Lead Generation


TikTok has just introduced a new tool that can help advertisers gain more direct insight on potential customers. Using the new Lead Generation ad option — companies are empowered to capture user data directly from their in-stream ads. A feature already available on platforms like Facebook, this step could go a long way towards mitigating disruptions caused by Apple’s IDFA update, and can be leveraged for other benefits too.


The basics of Lead Generation

The Instant Form allows your customers to share their contact information, learn about your business, answer your questions, and even schedule an appointment. With recent restrictions on iOS data, which is likely to see many users opt out of data tracking in apps, this offers a reliable way to attain your customer data and continue expanding the information you have available for campaigns.


Making campaign success more tangible

Of course, this feature offers the most obvious benefits for Lead-Gen businesses, but it can be applied across various industries. As an option for iOS users, it will provide the insight needed to make campaign success more tangible compared to traffic or awareness campaigns, which were the only option for iOS until now. In this respect, Lead Generation ads are a great addition, registering the information of engaged viewers for future reference and campaigns.


Potential for e-commerce

This feature is also an excellent tool for e-Commerce. In an example offered by TikTok, they demonstrated how it could be used to register users for a new collection while also getting Info about their preferred styles—meaning it can even be used as a tool to plan inventory.

More broadly, it will simply provide another way to build out your audience database, generate more accurate audience personas for expanded ad targeting, and guide your content focus moving forward.


Technical advantages

The Lead Generation approach also offers several benefits from a technical perspective.

Thanks to the fact that much of the vital response data can be auto-populated, the process is streamlined and makes it easy for interested users to submit their information directly to your business. Additionally:

  • There is no need to download your leads manually.
  • You can follow up with the gathered leads immediately.
  • You only need to integrate once and will continue to receive leads.

As you can see, the benefits are plentiful, and this is definitely an exciting addition to the TikTok ad suite. TikTok’s Lead Generation ads are now available to all businesses globally, offering a range of potential applications.

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