TikTok Ads – Get the Most Out of tCPA Campaigns


Are TikTok Ads one of the newer additions to your marketing mix, and you’re trying to figure out just how exactly it works?

Let us save you some time and share the most important learnings we’ve encountered to date. With the following steps, we’ll show you what tCPA (target Cost Per Acquisition) campaigns in TikTok are all about.

By now, we know that TikTok is a game-changer for certain brands – many online stores have figured out how to make it work. In particular, tCPA bidding is one of the most promising models on TikTok, but it has its limitations.


1. Give TikTok Ads at least 3 days to get used to new settings.

It’s not easy for us marketers to refrain from adjusting our campaigns on a daily basis because we constantly want to improve them. As a result, the opposite often happens, especially with automated strategies that use tCPA bidding.

If you change the tCPA every two days, your campaigns will be sent straight back into the learning phase. This means you never really leave the learning phase and are unable to reach the campaign’s full potential. Additionally, changing the tCPA too often has a big impact on your daily costs, which can vary greatly as a result.

So give the algorithm at least 2-3 days to get used to the new requirements before you optimize your campaigns further.


2. Set realistic expectations for your tCPA Campaigns goal.

Currently, TikTok can be more efficient than any other display channel. Compared to Facebook Paid, we achieve conversions for a quarter of the price for various clients. Despite the impressive efficiency, don’t set the bar too low. TikTok will stop spending if the conversion can’t be achieved at the specified target.

So don’t limit your campaigns unnecessarily and specify realistic tCPAs. If TikTok can’t spend the given budget, it’s probably because of the tCPA.


3. Make sure that TikTok Ads collects enough data.

The tracking of TikTok Ads is very advanced. Make sure you take the chance and implement as many conversion goals as possible along the funnel. For the e-Commerce user journey alone, TikTok offers up to nine standard tracking events.

If your campaigns aren’t generating transactions from the start, it often helps to focus on a higher funnel event first. Instead of direct transactions, you can optimize for Initiate Checkout or Add to Cart, for example. This way, you can quickly signal to TikTok which users are relevant to your brand, and you won’t be stuck at zero conversions for long.

Using tCPA strategies can be frustrating, especially if you’re used to micro-managing your bidding. But with a little experience, it will free up time to focus on your creatives, which we all know are key to a successful campaign on TikTok.

So make sure you feed TikTok the right data, and you will see that it will soon become your most efficient marketing channel.

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