5 things you should know about Wix


Wix is an online platform with the help of which even beginners can build websites easily and for free. There are paid add-ons, but they are not included in this post. Besides Wix, there are several platforms that offer similar services (e.g. WordPress). We have tested Wix and noticed many things that we would like to share with you. With these tips and tricks, creating a website with Wix will be easy and you can get the most out of the platform.


Only one person can be in the editor and work on the Wix website

One disadvantage that should be known from the beginning is that, unfortunately, several people cannot work on the website at the same time. As soon as two people log in at the same time, changes and new extensions can get lost. Those who build a website alone will not have the problem, however, it makes it difficult to collaborate on a website.


With classic Wix sites there is no page hierarchy

If SEO is a priority for you, you should think twice if Wix is the right platform for you. With Wix it is currently still not possible to build a page hierarchy. This is very important for search engines like Google, because it is the only way to distinguish between main and sub pages. The Wix community has often asked for this feature, but unfortunately it is still not possible.


Don’t forget to save and publish

To make the customizations also public, always save AND publish after editing and adding. Otherwise content can get lost. This should not only be done at the very end, but also before each page change in the editor. If you forget to do this, you risk having to do all the work all over again.


Put strips behind all elements

To build a website ideally, using strips is a helpful solution. You can attach various elements to them, which can then be moved, copied and deleted all at once. Thus, they serve as a kind of building block for the webdesign. With the use of strips for all elements, one or more at a time, it is possible to divide the page more nicely and prevent different elements from overlapping. They also make the optimization for mobile devices much easier, as whole blocks can be moved or hidden.


Do not forget mobile optimization in Wix

With Wix, it is possible to edit the websites for mobile devices as well. While this is very positive and useful for optimizing the user experience for smartphones, the elements are very sensitive for the mobile version. In particular, images that are not displayed ideally when automatically adapted to the mobile version.

How to quickly correct this? Simple: Wix allows you to hide elements only for the mobile version. Since on the smartphone eternal scrolling is rather negative anyway, you can simply hide it. That is if the distorted element is not absolutely necessary.


With these tips, nothing will stand in the way of your website with Wix. However, the platform is not right for everyone. The online platform WordPress is much better in terms of several points. First of all, multiple people can work on the website at the same time, which definitely is an advantage for many companies. Secondly, the page hierarchy is more expandable on WordPress, which can make a big difference in the ranking of your website in terms of SEO.

And last but not least, the programming code can be viewed and edited in wordpress, which contributes to a professional and individual web design and web development. However, if you want to build a website on your own and are looking for a relatively simple platform for it, Wix is definitely a suitable option for you.


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