GANDT Fireside Chat #007 | Galaxus conquers Germany, online store advice and a new YouTube format


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YouTube Video Optimization: Tips & Tricks – Implementing Video Chapters

On YouTube we found a new tool to implement timeline sections or video chapters. This is especially useful for videos that cover multiple topics or are particularly long. This option can be implemented directly using the description below the video by specifying the topics and their start time in the video.

This way you can then find the topic you are looking for in the organic search on Google, directly in the corresponding video section without having to watch the rest of the video. Thus, an interesting SEO topic develops here. Also, it gives the user the opportunity to find his way around more easily in longer videos.


The Swiss “online-champion” Galaxus – Quality on the Internet

Galaxus is the largest online store in Switzerland and has a sales increase by almost 300 %, compared to the same month last year. Especially supplies for home office solutions (e.g. webcams) or children toys were frequently ordered.


Galaxus conquers Germany

At the end of 2018, Galaxus also tried to position themselves in the German online retail world. Hence, it is their stated goal to get into the top 5 of the major online players. But they have not set themselves an easy task.

Getting to the so-called “Big 4”: Amazon, Ebay, Zalando and Otto is a bold goal. Given the current sales numbers in Germany, they still have a long way to go: Galaxus is currently not even in the Top 10.

The concept of Galaxus is different from that of other companies. Galaxus wants to advertise as transparently as possible and win customers organically. In order to acquire new customers, they rely on Google Shopping, cooperations with partner sites, affiliate marketing as well as the presence on the social networks.


Increased use of chats and callback services in online stores

During the Corona crisis, there is much more traffic on the platforms of online shops. However, consumers are also increasingly interested in a possible interaction with the company/shop and do not want to miss a service or advice that they would receive in “offline” stores.

Almost 60 % of German users have already used an online chat or a callback service. Despite the current shutdown of the stationary retail, customers do not necessarily need to miss out on professional advice.

As an entrepreneur, the focus should not only be on the technically part of operating an online shop, but also on the integration of such features.


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