Agency Setup

Post by Remco Livain

Our experts provide an objective assessment of your agency setup performance and analyze the cost efficiency of current structures. We will determine to what extent all possibilities are used by the agency in connection to your company’s campaign strategy.

A marketing or creative agency usually offers communication services and skills, know-how or resources that your company may lack internally. An agency is a good solution to getting ahead in a professional and effective manner. 

Why an Agency Audit is Necessary

An audit provides an independent opinion on how your agency works and whether the market, product or service potential is fully exploited. We aim to find improved ways of collaborating with the agency to ensure the setup lives up to expectations.

We look at:

  • How agency contracts are structured
  • Whether the Scope Of Work (SOW) has been clearly defined, and what might be missing
  • Whether the agency works thoroughly; e.g. Are old discount campaigns still live and are budgets managed well? 
  • What the communication and working processes between the agency and your company looks like
  • Whether advertising opportunities are fully utilized 
  • How appropriate the marketing measures are in line with the company’s objectives
  • How budgets are distributed and media plans are designed

As soon as we analyze your work setup, we work out an overall concept for the agency cooperation. We want to make sure that your employees know where to challenge your agency.

Your Own Organization as a Sparring Partner

We often see that marketing service providers are great at what they do, yet they often lack agency management by their clients. Clients outsource their marketing-related tasks for a reason, but it will make all the difference to train your in-house marketing team, so that they better understand how to manage their partner agency. 

Experience has shown that it is necessary to have a strong agency sparring partner in the team – someone who can question the agency’s work and services. 

We’ll bring your internal team up to speed with the help of training courses and coachings with our online marketing experts. 

We have set ourselves the goal of ensuring that our customers always have the right organizational setup. In addition, it is important to us that employees in the marketing team can question agency services and understand the work external services provide. Ideally, your internal team understands the challenges of implementing marketing campaigns just as well as your agency.

We’ll bring your internal team up to speed with the help of training courses and coachings with our online marketing experts.  We call this “digital enablement”. We enable your employees to assess and work through digital questions and challenges.

Once your internal marketing team has a better understanding of the strategy and campaigns, working with an external agency becomes even more fun. 

Simply book a free appointment to continue the conversation, and ask us questions about your business.