Live Shopping: What Are the Possibilities for Brands?


The world of Ecommerce is moving fast, and live shopping is one of the major new trends making waves. A dynamic purchasing experience that involves influencer markets, live video content, and usually a fair dose of entertainment, the sky is the limit when it comes to how large the audience for these live-stream shopping events can get. That sounds quite appealing, right?

Well, this phenomenon has already proved it can live up to its grand claims—it is a billion-dollar industry in China and is now showing considerable promise in other markets as well. Essentially, you can think of it as the infomercial coming together with contemporary advertising to create an immersive, interactive, and highly engaging shopping extravaganza. So, what is it about the mix that makes such a winning combination? Let’s look at how live shopping started and why it should be on every advertiser’s and merchant’s radar.


Where did it get started?

Originating in Chine, live shopping began with Chinese influencers and celebrities producing live video content through social media to show products to their audience. An article from CNN Business, using China as an example, reinforced the financial potential behind this market. “Hu [Meng Hu] is part of a rising class of creators in China who are racing to get in on live-stream shopping, an emerging form of retail that has grown into an industry worth an estimated $66 billion.”

Alongside this, it was quoted that in 2019, “China’s live-stream shopping market was worth 451.3 billion yuan [$66 billion], and is even promised to show even more growth: “that could more than double to almost 1.2 trillion yuan ($170 billion) this year.”


Offer authentic interaction

Unlike the infomercials of the 1990s and early 2000s, live shopping offers the ability to demonstrate and ultimately advertise products to a live, online audience that can interact in a meaningful way with the live experience they are witnessing. The process is active, and promoters can directly interact with the customers through online video, chat, and other features. In addition, due to the live nature of the event, audiences build more vital trust and confidence in the brand—as they can see for themselves that there is no manipulation of imagery or settings taking place.

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Build lasting relationships

This trust and identification with the brand then translate into more robust relationships down the line. Similar to physical retail, brands can develop interpersonal relationships with their customers. They can immerse themselves without the time pressure with the guidance of live-stream shopping.


Provide a new form of entertainment

Beyond its ability to build relationships and increase sales, though, live shopping is also solidifying its place as a realm where audiences can go to get entertained and engaged. There’s no doubt that as these shopping events become more common, the production level and content quality will continue to increase and take the Ecommerce world by storm.


Where will live shopping go from here?

As it stands, platforms across Europe and America, including Facebook and Amazon, have already implemented live shopping into their branding. Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping are growing channels. And last year, “Amazon Live,” was released, where products are being live-streamed 24/7 in multiple categories.

Forbes claims Amazon Live as the “Future of Ecommerce.”  Kiri Masters states that Amazon Live “will play a significant role in online shopping going forward. We see it already at scale in China, and marketers and influencers alike in the US have embraced the platform, of which Amazon is currently kingmaker.” She goes on further to say that Amazon has “jumped in” to this trend of Ecommerce, showing these brands as leaders of the future.

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