GANDT Fireside Chat #021 | Instagram Guides now available and Schwarz-Group starts competition with AWS

Post by Kathrin Fuhrer

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News from Instagram – New feature: Instagram launches “Instagram Guides”

Besides IGTV, Shopping and Stories, Instagram Guides is a new format from Instagram.

Textual content, videos, comments and advices from other accounts can be combined with Guides into collections and thus be presented in one place.
According to Instagram, Guides should become a place for recommendations and tips.

The new category is located right next to the feed, IGTV and the highlighted posts. If you open Guide, the format combines several already posted articles.

Because of the Covid-19 crisis, Instagram initially focuses on issues related to people’s well-being and safety. The goal is to help people who are having a hard time these days and to push collaborations between accounts and connect similar niches.

In our discussion we point out use cases and talk about the possibilities that this new format can open up.
So listen in and follow the discussion!


Schwarz-Group launches its own European Cloud solution

The largest retail group in Europe is about to launch its own cloud solution. Under the name Stackit, the product annouces the battle for the previous market giants Amazon and Co.

The Schwarz Group includes the supermarket chains Lidl and Kaufland, which are also the first – and so far only – references for Stackit.

The aim is to establish an independent cloud infrastructure with European security standards and thus represent an alternative to Amazon AWS.

Can the Lidl parent company can keep up with the market-leading US providers such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google with its own cloud solution, and will it be able to digitalise medium-sized businesses throughout Europe?

We discuss this in the current Fireside Chat.


Agenda | GANDT Fireside Chat Video #021

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