GANDT Fireside Chat #045 | Bing Shopping: Images Based Search and Google My Business Messenger


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Bing Shopping: Image-Based Search

We have already talked about BING in the last few days, but above all we have highlighted the new interface. The search engine not only optimizes its back-end for advertisers, but also usability for users with a new feature.
With the introduction of a new image-based product search, users can upload an image to find similar products – and buy them directly via shopping.

With one click, you can now search for products that correspond to the visual design of the products on BING Shopping.
Currently, the feature for apparel and footwear departments is live and BING plans to expand this to home decoration in the near future.

The algorithm can find even more than just a similar design: In addition, there is also the option to display matching accessories.
Bing Shopping then suggests what fits “well” the product that the user has been looking for.

From our point of view, this feature is one of the few where BING takes the lead and does not follow the market ruler Google.
We know the Google image search or Google Lens, but there are no monetization options.


Google My Business – Messenger

But Google has also launched a new feature, which we don’t want to leave unmentioned. Especially during the last weeks and months, we have repeatedly pointed out the importance of a well-maintained Google My Business account.

Now Google is optimizing this platform and has added a Messenger feature.
With the option, companies can quickly and easily communicate with users via maps and search.

The messaging channel can also be linked to the customer service, where you can directly share product images, welcome messages, or smart replies.
So when a customer writes to a company using the messaging feature, there is the option to send automated messages, but the user can also be connected to a customer service representative.

So far only fully integrated on Android and only in English, there are still success stories about the function.
Woolworths, Walmart and MyGov are among the companies already betting on Google’s business messages.
Walmart, for example, provides its customers with up-to-date information about opening hours, precautions, or pickup options in the context of Covid-19.

Mattress Firm goes even further. The mattress manufacturer sells its products through the Business Messages service.
The ability to share product information and even videos about the articles allowed the company to maintain its business, especially during the Corona crisis.


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