Instagram starts with IGTV video ads


Instagram starts with IGTV video ads before a user watches a video on Instagram TV (IGTV). IGTV has become an important part of the platform for Instagram. Accounts can upload up to 10 minutes of video and larger accounts even up to 60 minutes. This increases the engagement rate between users and profiles and how long a user stays on the platform. With IGTV, Instagram is trying to take a piece of the YouTube market share

Until now, there have been fewer incentives for Instagram accounts to take the time to create an IGTV account. The effort to create high-quality long-form content is higher than to put together posts or short stories.

That should change now.


IGTV video ads

The new ad module, is supposed to play videos before the user can watch his actual video on IGTV. These video ads can be up to 15 seconds long. Instagram is starting with a small group of accounts in the USA and will then slowly roll out the format worldwide.

Here you come directly to the Video

So far it is not yet clear whether users can skip the ads after 5 seconds or not, like on YouTube. Decisions like these are to be tested in the first attempts in the USA. Then Instagram will decide on the best option.

The video displays are only played back in 9:16 format. This is to ensure that the user experience is not disrupted.

There are no updates on targeting capabilities for IGTV yet. However, you can be sure that these are similar to the Business Manager and may offer better targeting at the IGTV channel level.

As soon as the feature is also available in Europe, we will update you.

prioritization of


Incentives for accounts

Monetization for accounts at Instagram has been a major shortcoming for the platform. YouTube accounts had the advantage that you get a share of the advertising revenue. Even if the sum is not enough for many to pay a living, a basic noise is what was gladly accepted.

Also Instagram is starting with more possibilities. The company states that accounts should receive at least 55% of IGTV’s advertising revenue. Concrete figures on income and share were not given.

This creates a further incentive to engage with IGTV for more accounts, as you can also generate a basic income on the platform.


More news from Instagram

In addition to the new advertising options, users can now also buy badges for individual IGTV accounts. This income should also go directly to the accounts. This increases the engagement between the accounts and is a similar approach as Twitch or YouTube who already supported their live stream accounts.

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