Working at GANDT – The Team’s Favorite Things


GANDT started as a small team of entrepreneurial online sales and marketing experts—and that is still at the heart of what the company is today. Working at the pulse of the digital economy, building startups and digital companies continue to be a significant part of the GANDT DNA.

We are proud of the way we work, with transparency and honesty present in all aspects of our operation. We like to Work Out Loud, which means not only presenting the end result to our clients but integrating them directly into the process. This way, they can continue to carry on their success without us.

And, of course, GANDT would be nowhere without the incredible team of people who pour their expertise and passion into bringing this vision to life. We try to make this a dynamic and inspiring environment to work in, and it’s a real pleasure to see our team succeeding and being fulfilled professionally. So, as we continue to grow and evolve as a company, we thought we’d share some impressions from our team about what makes working at GANDT a great experience.


An open and dynamic team

Sharon Livain joined the team in 2020. She is truly passionate about social media and sees it as an exciting area where she can let her creativity run free. As a social media professional, she gives our clients valuable tips on how to improve their social media or even manage their organic presence entirely. She creates content, conducts professional community management, and helps develop the right social media strategies. And when she talks about her love for working at GANDT, the main reason is the team all the way:

“My favorite part of this job it’s definitely the team. I love that we are a young, dynamic, and open team, where everyone helps each other and can speak their mind freely. There is a lot of trust from the management regarding working hours, working places, handling projects, etc. This also means that I am responsible for your own development and education, which is not an easy thing, but so rewarding.”

(The team getting into the spirit of the season during an annual tradition.)


An environment that encourages constant growth

Bonny Kanjirathumoottil is one of our Digital Marketing Experts. His strengths lie in Search Engine Advertising and Digital Marketing. Bonny joined GANDT as a Digital Marketing Expert in November 2020. His openness to new topics and being a people person make it easy for him to understand and integrate into new environments. Here is his favorite thing about working at GANDT:

“Working at GANDT allowed me to go above and beyond what I have done so far. The openness and possibility to grow and at the same time being able to shape the company with your colleagues is a true pleasure.”


Never forgetting to have fun while working at GANDT

Stephie Gerfin joined the team after graduating from the Fachhochschule Luzern in Marketing and Business. She now supports our clients with their content marketing and social media activities. Stephie joined our Team in Zürich at the beginning of 2021. When asked what she is loving about the job so far, she echoed many of her colleagues in praising the group dynamic that encourages both hard work and fun:

“For me, the best part about working at GANDT is absolutely the team. With so many experts, there is a ton of potential to gain knowledge and continue learning, from everyone here also understands that it is important to have fun with what we do.”


Collaborating with people who are both friends and colleagues

Elisabeth Schneider is responsible for business model calculations (business case planning) in the team at GANDT and is a sparring partner for partner management in performance marketing. With the help of data visualization tools such as Tableau, she generates insights into digital cost distributions and efficiency. Elli illustrates our data-centric approach and reveals untapped potential for our customers. She has been part of the crew since 2019 and loves how close she has become with many of her colleagues:

“For me at work, the most important—and luckily also the best thing about GANDT—is the team. Some of them are more friends than colleagues by now, and it is truly great to be able to work with such a fantastic group of people. In addition to that, working in this dynamic and challenging environment means that I have the opportunity every day to grow both personally and professionally.”

(The team excited about seeing the dream of GANDT’s co-work space become a reality.)


Always growing together

With GANDT since 2020, Mona Altheimer is a Junior Project Manager whose strengths lie in SEO, E-Commerce Channels, and Project Management. She brings a Bachelor’s Degree in Design, as well as several years of professional experience in the fashion and media industries.

“My favorite thing about working at GANDT is that I learn something new every day. Everyone here is so eager to share their knowledge so that we are always growing together and benefitting from one another.”


Working with “rockstars” and a transparent company culture

Jesus Blazquez is our Senior Digital Marketing Expert. Originally from Spain, he came to GANDT in the summer of 2020, where he has since been specializing in search engine marketing, automation, and internationalization. He has worked in several countries and in various marketing positions in agencies, start-ups, and large multinational companies. When asked what makes working at GANDT unique, he responded:

“I love that working here, I am surrounded by rockstars (the level of knowledge and execution is truly off the charts). I also greatly appreciate the flexibility when it comes to managing my work and the balance I achieve working from home.


The high level of transparency has also made this a very fulfilling working environment—from the company’s finances to project pipelines— everything is shared.


And, of course, I have to mention the comradeship. I’ve lost count of the times some colleague approached me and offered help or the possibility to choose my own projects and areas of expertise. I am always learning and feeling supported while doing it.”

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